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Google console & phone games - a revisit necessary?
« on: March 18, 2019, 06:04:49 pm »
I know years ago, it was decided that phone games weren't going to be in the database. But I think with the upcoming Google console(s), maybe we should reconsider. There are numerous reasons why we should have a category for mobile games. I'll list some.

1.  Mobile games have come a long way graphically. The current handsets pump out graphics that surpass the Switch, PS3 & 360.

2.  There are many, high-quality games for mobile. We are past the point of blah-fare like Farmville and have great titles like Darkness Rises, Bright Ridge, Bendy Run, Another Eden, etc.

3.  Many titles on mobile are also available on consoles & vice versa. Why should one person's Oceanhorn count because its on Nintendo's eShop, but the next guys doesn't because its on Android?

4.  Many of our favorite series & publishers are on mobile. Rayman, Mario Run, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Diablo...should these games be ignored because they are mobile titles even though they are part of some of our favorite series?

5.  With the ever-growing prevalence of download-only games on all the major systems as well as streaming services like Xbox Games Pass, mobile games are on equal footing.

6.  Mobile has a variety of controllers & attachments just like consoles. You can even use your Xbox One and Switch Pro controllers on your phone now. Many mobile games have added controller support. How is playing Walking Dead or Rayman with a controller on a mobile device any different than on a Switch?  There really is no difference.

7.  We include free to play games in the console games databases. Warframe, Blacklight. Etc. have entries. How is a mobile game with IAP any different?

Please, discuss and thank you for considering the possibilities that extending categories for Android & IOS games would bring to many members collections.
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