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It's spring in the northern hemisphere 2019 as of the date of this post, what are some of your other types of hobbies besides video games, that you like to do on your spare time.

(this topic refers to any hobble other than collecting)

I wish I had the money to go golfing again but I don't know how. So for me I currently don't have any other hobbies other then using media like music and video games.

I do like to walk on warm days in spring though, but usually I am walking to spend money on a meal or something else either CD or Video Game related.

I could go bowling but I don't find bowling inside a bowling alley by myself vary entertaining. I would often go to a park in summer a couple of years ago and even swim on hot days what do you all do when the weather get warm or extremely hot in summertime  :) or maybe cold winter?

Or if you have other indoor hobbies what do want to share with us?
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I'm less active than I use to be, Florida heat does that to a former Alaskan, even all these years later, but one of my other hobbies is perler beads, the ironed game sprite stuff you've probably seen around before.  I just opened my Instagram to post stuff there once in awhile.

I use to paintball, but yeah, running around out in the heat of Florida sucks too much for that.  Thinking of getting a bike again as I need to get exercise.  Also I tend to go to the movies every so often, like I'm seeing Avengers Endgame next week and Godzilla: King of the Monsters next month.


I play pinball.

Listening to music (punk/metal), watching movies/TV

I used to be an avid bicyclist, and I've tried each year to get more and more back into it like i used to be about 10-years ago. This year I hope to get a little more into it than I was last year.

But aside from biking I am really into music and movies as well, although both are secondary to biking and video games. Recently I've been getting back into cars after being out of them for most of this decade. i had a 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe from 2009 to 2012 and it was a very fun car; I drove it all the way to California and back in 2010 and also used it as a daily driver (it was dangerous in the snow however). When I sold it I had become disillusioned with sports cars and car culture do to the G35 and some electrical issues it had, as well as the high price of gas at the time. Recently with more and more amazing JDM cars becoming legal to import I've been very excited about the prospect of importing a Skyline R34 GTR to the states, or even a nice Supra since they go for about a third of what the US market ones go for. I probably won't be buying any of them for at least 5-years, but it's nice that I can eventually. I'm also pretty into anime as well.
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I play table top RPGs and board games. I also write and draw. Then I indulge in some anime and manga. Rinse and repeat. I can't sports much where I live right now. Too gross outside.


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I play Magic the Gathering(mainly Modern and Commander) and Keyforge as far as any tabletop gaming is concerned
Other than that I'll ride my bike around and i guess Cooking can be considered almost hobby-ish for me

Hike and go camping once or twice a summer. Bike riding a few times a season take the family to summer concerts usually once a week during summer we bring a bring a blanket have a packed dinner and listen to a free concert.Take the kids to a occasional movie and i also play magic the gathering.
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I sing in a choir!  :)
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I play guitar pretty seriously aside from gaming/movies/anime etc. I used to be into weight training a lot also, been trying to get back into it but my job takes a lot out of me so all I can do is the lazy stuff  :-\


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I like to play baseball in a kusa-yakyu (I think the equivalent to it in English would be sandlot baseball) team and to go on day-long motorcycle rides (in which I usually end up doing some video game hunting).
Other than these, my hobbies tend to be mostly Tinder-related... Haha

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I dabble in crafts, especially cross-stitch:

In December, I bake gingerbread:

I love WW2 history and memorabilia.  I collect model cars, 1:64 scale cars, and especially Corgi WW2 diecast planes.  Along with collecting pops, amiibos, video games, godzilla stuff, and I even just recently bought a typewriter.  Some may say i'm a pack rat,  but my stuff is very cleanly, well organized and I love it all.  So I don't consider it compulsive yet.  But I do have some extreme collecting tendencies :)

I plan on going to the WW2 museum in Stow,MA this year :)
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I like biking around and hanging out with friends
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I’m a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I teach 2 days a week at a local college. I’ve been doing it a long time.
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