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I enjoy eating out, all the time I go various places including Burger King, McDonalds  various pizza joints, and even home delivery. So how often do you eat out, or drink. I never was much into bars though, even though some or most bars have great burgers for cheap prices depending on where you order it from. But I don't get anything alcoholic because even though some alcoholic beverages taste great they make me sick even when it's 3%. and bars make me feel unwelcome I just do not feel right going to a bar by myself. :-\

I also like chineese. so what are your hang out spots if you do go out sometimes maybe a Friday or Saturday night?
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I love to eat at Brazilian churrascarias! If you don't know what kind of restaurant it is, do yourself a favor and check-it out! Anyone who likes meat with certainly fall in love with it. I also like places where you can eat miso-katsu, a breaded pork cutlet covered in (usualluy) red miso (soybean paste) sauce, that you can only find in Aichi Prefecture, like Yaba-ton.

Other than those, I don't care too much about going out just to eat.
If possible, I'd really like to be able to go to a bar or pub at least once a week though. As it is almost impossible, I try going at least every couple of weeks or so.

I usually don't like places where the ambient music or the noise caused by other people is too loud, so my favorite places are usually Japanese-style bars, or izakaya.
There are two here in Nagoya that I particularly like: Murasaki with their wonderful artesanal schwarzbier and their chicken-skin gyoza and Kadoya where you can drink a 1.2 litre mug of beer for fairly cheap while cooking yourself some juicy stakes.

(I feel like someone writing for a city tour panflet now)

I’m in the Nashville area, so as a local specialty we’ve got hot chicken.  My personal favorite is Big Shakes, but Prince’s, Hattie B’s, and Bolton’s are all good as well.

For local pizza I like Slim and Husky’s which is a very unique style, and has the best white sauce I’ve ever had.  It and Angelo’s are close to my office - Angelo’s is great traditional by the slice joint.  My favorite is Joey’s House of Pizza authentic New York Sicilian style with amazing chicken parm.

I’m also a big fan of Thai and sushi, but there are tons of those places around town.  Each as good as the last.

There's a terrific pupusa place nearby as well.  Great prices, great food.  Love their tacos.  You could stuff yourself for under $10 here.
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Sadly most of my favorite places to eat went out of business in the last couple years. There really isn't any place in my area that I really look forward to eating out at anymore. Probably the closest I get to looking forward to eating out now is PF Changs which has a great Curry Bowl, or there is a Mexican place called The Rio that has pretty good food. Sadly, both don't compare to my goto Chinese and Mexican food places that I'd been going to for years. It still bums me out that they're gone.
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I love the food of my country so even if my favorite place go out of bussiness there are plenty of restaurants where I can eat the same food and some times even better, that's why am always looking for every new place that I can find, my favorite right now is a local that is located at the parking of one store, a lot of people will say that it's not the big deal and I totally agree with them but am not a fancy person so if there is good food I'll be there and eventually I will became a recurrent client.

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Firehouse Subs. Before I would have said Penn Station East Coast Subs but they closed down in my area. Charley's Philly Steaks is also a pretty high on the list. If you can't tell, I like a good sub sandwich and I don't care what I have to pay for it.