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Hello everyone :D

Recently I binged Stranger Things which is a Netflix original web series.  I got completely absorbed and ended up watching both season 1 and 2 in 2 days.  15 hours in 2 days.  It is by far bar none my favorite show of all time.  It made me cry many times and the whole plot is extremely brilliant and fun. :)   I feel extremely invested now and season 3 starts July 4th. 

I plan on going to strangercon in Dallas Texas in November so I can meet Millie Bobby Brown for her to sign my eleven pop as Eleven is my favorite character.  I have posted here about MK Ultra before, it's a deep topic and the show depicts it in such a eerie and sad manner but also keeps a nice backstory to corelate with it and make the show vibrant and exciting.   Going to Dallas is something that is way out of my element. Which will be exciting.  I feel like i'm in a bit of a mid life crisis lately after a long bout with a cold.  I have no idea what i'm doing but I just know i'm going to do a bunch of stuff lol.

Stranger things acting is amazing. My second favorite character is Sheriff Hopper.  Every character seems to be extremely well written and character development is extraordinary.  MBB is a star pupil in the making, captivating acting in both this and the new godzilla movie. 

I won't spoil too much for those who may want to watch it, but if you haven't.  Please do yourself a favor.  Especially those who are into sci fi horror or 80s themed call back type nostalgia flicks in general.  It's truly a well written masterpiece :)


The show is fantastic and season 3 is in less than a month!

I actually started rewatching the series and finished the first season last night. Yes, I love this show and was very pleased with the last two seasons. From the trailer Season 3 is looking very promising. I can't want to rewatch Season 2 as I've only seen the whole thing once when it first came out.

The show is fantastic and season 3 is in less than a month!

I'm super excited! :D  My 4th of July is planned already lol.  Cookouts are not my scene so i'm glad I have an out.

I have loved the show so much I plan on flying out to Dallas to meet the cast, which is way out of my element but I have been feeling this urge or being adventerous.  It's in november so it's a long wait and I have plenty of time to save as their are a few other things in Dallas that are neat, but the only sooner meet and greet is october in Chicago and i'm not to keen on Chicago because of crime and i'm scared lol.  Dallas seems to have more to offer so I'll wait the month.  But strangercon will be in Dallas in november.  To put it in perspective i'm from MA and it's also my first time traveling at all.  So pretty rad lol.   I'm going to bring my stranger things pops, hot topic exclusives and chase variants for Millie Bobby Brown to sign.   I hope Sheriff Hopper is also there as he is my second favorite character :).   Their is a photo op too, i'll probably pee myself around celebrities.  I just hope I don't look too awkward or nervous as I will be.  But I will try to play it off. 

Thank you everyone for sharing. 


Can someone give me a brief synopsis on what this show is about? I don't watch TV, but I hear everyone raving about this so what is the basic plot and what makes it so good?

It's probably my fourth favorite Netflix show.  8.5/10
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Can someone give me a brief synopsis on what this show is about? I don't watch TV, but I hear everyone raving about this so what is the basic plot and what makes it so good?

Without spoiling too much. A kid named Will goes missing and his friends and mom and older brother try to find him. A girl named eleven (main character) mk ultra expiriment who escapes the government and she has super cool telekinesis powers.  Can communicate with will through radio with her mind and stuff.  But the government wants her back to torture more so they have to hide her and stuff. 

If I give anymore itll spoil the show. I had to leave so much out as I think its best to surprise but thats the main plot.  Mixed in with a lot of 80s high school romance drama, cliche bullies, school life,  government conspiracy, intense scenes and sad stuff.  :)

Its the best show ever made. I cant reccomend it more.  Its so good :D

Also dont click on the next episode in the netflix menu until you finish the one before it. They spoil stuff even in the thumbnails  I got lucky.
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Awesome show me and my girlfriend just binged watched it about 6 months ago I can't wait for season three. Another good show to watch while waiting for season 3 is The Umbrella Academy it just got picked up for a second season if anyone is interested.

No spoilers, but I thought Season 3 was a pretty good return to form after a so-so Season 2.  Still not as good as S1, due to a lot of the mystery being gone, but it kept the characters together and making generally more logical choices all around.

And gentle reminder, even before you start; Steve Harrington > Jonathan Byers

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Just finished it and I really dug it too.  There's stuff I liked in the last season, but this one is definitely better all around.  Loved the stuff they added, the new horror elements, made for a real great time.