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I figured this would be the best place to ask. And I'm talking about mainline games, so nothing like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or Dragonn Quest Builders, please! Final Fantasy has 15 games, Dragon Quest has 11. I wanted to get people's opinion on this because I'm slowly gaining each entry in each series. Answer in list form.

i know you will hate this awnser, but it depends on who you ask. some people really like ff7. others ( myself inlcuded ) like ff4. some really hate ff13, but i thought it was ok. honestly all of them execpt for ff14 are great. and even then, ff14 has its moments.
as for dragon quest, i have only played dq6 ds. i enjoyed it, but many say its the worst.
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Can't speak for Dragon Quest but my opinion for FF:

1. FF9 (PS1)
2. FF7 (PS1)
3. FF8 (PS1)
4. FF10 (PS4/XBOX ONE)
5. FF6 (PS1)
6. FF13 & 13-2 (Xbox One X Enhanced!)
7. FF4 (PSP Best version)
8. Crisis Core (PSP)
9. FF5 (GBA
10. Dissidia (PSP)

If you're new to the series I'd say Final Fantasy X is by far the most accessible & strong on all aspects of what you'd want in FF (Story, Characters, Music, World Building, Battle System, Equipment etc.) + It's remastered on PS4 & Xbox One!

Ive never played any dragon quest game but I've alwasy wanted to.But my favorite Final Fantasy games are.
6.FF Mystic Quest(not sure if you count this or no but I enjoyed it)
These are the only one's I beat.
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4, and 5 for dragon quest.

For final fantasy, 4,6, and 7. 10 if you're slightly younger. and 15 if you're very young.

Regarded as underrated, 5,9

I've never beat any of the Dragon Quest games, but here's how I'd rank the FF games I've played and beat.

1. FF10
2. FF7
3. FF8
4. FF9
5. FF5

I started playing twice that many FF games, but those are the ones i've actually beat.

I haven't beaten very many FF games but here's what I got
1. FF9
2. FF6
3. FF7
4. FF2
5. FF4
I haven't really touched Dragon Quest other than some of DQ5.

Of the main-line FF games I've played, I rank them:

1. FF3(US)
2. FF6
3. FF4
4. FF7
5. FF5
6. FF
7. FF3
8. FF2

You'll notice I have FF3(US) and FF6 listed as separate entries. This is because the SNES release of FF3(US) had a different translation than later English versions which were titled as FF6. Personally I prefer the original translation.

The only Dragon Warrior/Quest Games I've played are Dragon Warrior and Draqon Quest VII.

Thank you all for responding! As far as I knew, FF7 was considered one of the best RPGs ever made. I have 9 on PS1 and 4 on DS and am really looking forward to playing them.

For DQ, I played 3 on SNES and was not dissappointed, and have DQ XI S on Switch and it was starting to get really good! Also have Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy on NES but haven't really dug into them.


1. Dragonquest V Heavenly bride
2. Dragonquest Xi
3. Dragonquest VIII shame that they couldnt have done a switch release instead of a 3ds game as the new port, if they just waited a few years more it would have been a forced console release.
4: dragon quest III snes version emulated for fan translation
5. dragonquest IV
6. dragonquest VII ps1 version
7. dragonquest VI
8: dragon warrior snes version fan translation
9: dragon warrior II snes version fan translation
10. Dragonquest IX

dragonquest X was an online thing japan only. no opinion on that but considering it's sort of an mmorpg I would probably not rank it very high for what I look for in a dragon quest game.

Not the biggest FF fan but from what I've finsihed.

Final fantasy VII, VI and V are pretty good. The pc port of FF VII has better grapics, pretty sure any online paid download is based on the pc release. or ofcourse emulation.

Final fantasy X and above are trash tier in my book though. I will give FF X some credit for it's music though that's pretty excellent at least.
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I can't speak on behalf of Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior, but I have played and beaten most of the mainline Final Fantasy titles outside of the series's MMO releases.

1. Final Fantasy IX
2. Final Fantasy IV
3. Final Fantasy VI
4. Final Fantasy
5. Final Fantasy XV
6. Final Fantasy XII
7. Final Fantasy X
8. Final Fantasy VIII
9. Final Fantasy III
10. Final Fantasy XIII

I have not played II, V, or VII. XI and XIV are MMO releases.

A common opinion among Final Fantasy fans is to overly dislike XIII. While it's on the bottom of my preferred list, that's not to say I didn't enjoy it.
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Out of the ones that I've played

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy X-2

I've only played Dragon Quest VIII
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I could never really get into the Final Fantasy games so I can't rank them, but I am a huge fan of Dragon Quest/Warrior. My personal ranking for the main games is:

1. Dragon Quest V
2. Dragon Quest III
3. Dragon Quest IV
4. Dragon Quest XI
5. Dragon Quest VIII
6. Dragon Quest VII
7. Dragon Quest I
8. Dragon Quest II
9. Dragon Quest VI
10. Dragon Quest IX


Get a PS4. Play World of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest XI. You will not be disappointed (also play Ys VIII and Ni No Kuni and Trails of Cold Steel series).

I have only played 3 final fantasy games:
FF Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift>FFX>FFVII