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Sega turns 60 years old.
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So, Sega turns 60 years old right now, I want to believe most of us have listened or read once the story from Sega, and played one of their games, after all Sega just like Nintendo, Konami, Capcom and Namco, was one of the greatest companies at the time, anyway quick story I dont care about if Sega is not good anymore, that kind of stuff has always been trivial for me, I still like Sega and if they release a game that I feel liking I will buy it and done.

Anyway just for remember some classic and modern Sega franchises.

- Dont lie, we have ALL played Sonic at least once, and pretty much is Sega biggest success and the only franchise that was just as good like Nintendo main franchise, Sonic is actually one of my favorite franchise ever and I have like 30 games and played most, nowadays someone is happier just playing the games and ignoring what people have to say about the franchise.

- Yakuza is right now a great success, and thats obviously because Sega has released like 7 games or more in 4 years, maybe what make Yakuza memorable is the amusing feeling and the lot of stuff you can make playing the game.

- The classic Street of Rage, at the time it was one of the best beat em up because the fast gameplay, rewarding combat and because the music was created by God itself, the newest SoR4 is maybe one of the best games of the year. (And one that dont dissapoint for once)

- I have never played Skies of Arcadia but most people that I have met that played it loved it so much it I cant not but believe is a special game.

- Outrun, I have always thought the concept of the original game was a simple but rewarding concept, maybe its not that easy because I have never been able to beat it, but the development story of the game and memorable sequels made it one of the best Sega franchise from all times.

Of course Sega made lots of great games and franchises.

Anyway, Sega is a company that I like and I wish them the best for the future, because you know, only real Sega fans are aware that someone Sega Dreamcast 2 will be released and it will be the start of the world domination by Sega.

Happy 60th anniversary Sega!
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Re: Sega turns 60 years old.
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SEGAs heyday was in fact before my time for the most part.

I grew up on Windows PC's of the 1990's so I never got to play barely anything SEGA related ever. My relative sold his SEGA Genesis instead of giving it to me. When I was probably too young to play and understand something like the game "Altered Beast" Or maybe my folks didn't let him.

I had a PC. My folks were for some reason concerned that radiation leakage from a video game console. would be bad for me so I didn't acquire and  console for my own home. until I purchased my Nintendo GameCube  and then my mom started buying me things for my GameCube.

I owned a SEGA Saturn with Daytona USA and Virtua Fighter 2 but I my PS2 broke so I traded in my SEGA Saturn for another working PlayStation 2, I never even played a SEGA Dreamcast in my life and never knew anyone that did, in my neighborhood.

I only own 1 fuly working SEGA Genesis console today
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Re: Sega turns 60 years old.
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skies of arcadia is one of the best rpg's imo.

still play the gamecube version, better grapics and way less random encounters, faster load times

+ the gamecube version has bonus content

The only downgrade is the music by just a little. the difference isn't huge , yes the dreamcast version is more clear but again not a big difference gamecube version wins easily.

Still if it's to pricy dolphin emulator runs the cube game overall pretty smoothly
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Re: Sega turns 60 years old.
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Everybody likes to bag on SEGA, and they can make some pretty bone head decisions. That being said, there hasn't been a generation in gaming for me that I wasn't playing and enjoying SEGA games. Here's to another 60 years 8)

Re: Sega turns 60 years old.
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I adore the Hatsune Miku games, Yakuza, and Puyo Puyo among many other franchises. They're not perfect, but who is? I didn't grow up with a Sega console, but I enjoy the games nonetheless. I also just have a lot of fond feelings for their part played in the VOCALOID community which I grew up in.