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(details) for anyone who does not know VGcollect also has a it's own Facebook page, and some of the VGcollect Staff are also monitoring the VGcollect Facebook Page.

One time I contacted the VGcollect  staff on Facebook when the entire VGcollect website was not functioning, (AT ALL)  and I could not log into or even access in guest mode, but I still I could successfully connect to all other sites on the internet except VGcollect.

I think Staff should let all members of this site know that know if  in any case they lose or get locked out of their account for some reason, OR, cannot message or contact the people who run this site to try to use social media as another means to tell them what is going on.

Members and Staff  both need to read this post and thread carefully. Because if the crap hits the fan they need to know, or this site could be permanently damaged or even shutdown. by a malicious person or people that hate us.

Believe it or not, there are people in this world that destroy entire websites and or online community's without pay and only for their own pleasure's.

My life is hell and I even had my own websites closed down before, and all that hard work I put into them was lost, and I needed to start my  own site over again before in my life. :-\
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Just send an email if this ever happens. First of all, a general website outage isn't something they could fix with one click, and contacting them wouldn't fix it faster, it would just end up wasting their time. But for an issue that only affects your account and not others, then just send an email. There is one staff email adress that I know of but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to disclose it here.
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