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LeoneFamily's VGC Database Work
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I'm following
I'm taking inspiration from

I'm stealing dhaabi's format / idea to make a thread about my work in the VGC database to boast myself to improve the website to let others know about what parts of VGC's DB (talk about abbreviations!) could be considered as "under construction" to kind of make regular users aware that these sections are kind of a mess and to be more careful about the listings they create since a lot of them will be corrected for consistency and anti-redundance purposes. I think it's also a good way to let the admins know about what I'm generally up to, and it serves as a way to show what I'm generally going for when I make edits. No admin has asked me to do this thread, I'm just doing it on my own.

- Canadian & [CA][MX] releases. I consider myself an expert on the subject at this point. There is no real end to this project due to the insane amount of items it includes. I just post canadian releases as I add them in my collection.

- Xbox / Xbox 360 Demo. Started cleaning up that section in late 2019 but have took a break from this project for a while. But still have the whole project in my backlog and it will be complete at some point. Some info here:,10473

- 3DO Hardware & Accessories. I am currently doing a lot of work and research on the 3DO hardware and accessories, and I even have a close contact with the founder of, a true big time expert of the 3DO who gives me crucial information about it every day. My backlog has become an absolute treasure of 3do information and it's all just waiting to be all added/edited to VGC. To a lesser extent I also get help from a close facebook community of 3do fans with some members being people who have worked on the 3DO back in the day as well as ex game devs of some 3DO titles.

My mild knowledge of Korean also means that I know a thing or two about korean releases and I can write / read Korean Hangeul characters without any help. Naturally, I have no problem writing down the box text and titles of korean releases using the korean keyboard, but otherwise I don't consider my work in the korean releases to be a project in itself. I'm sure even dhaabi must have redacted more korean entries as I did at this point.

That's about it for now!
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Re: LeoneFamily's VGC Database Work
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Thanks so much for the help!  8)


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Re: LeoneFamily's VGC Database Work
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Thank you so much man!
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