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What Was Your Longest Lasting PC Computer
« on: May 14, 2024, 04:36:19 am »
My family had home PC dating back to the Apple II and was eventually thrown out in the MID 1990's but still worked just fine also another 386 computer that lasted over 10 years before it was thrown out sometime around the year 2000 my current Power Spec is listed on the New PC Thread somewhere on this same hardware and tech forum, it is currently 9 1/2 years old close to 10 full year old hardware but the video card is close to 14 1/2 years old as the date of this post here, As I explained in the New PC thread close to this post on my account, my 10 year old Powerspec is rickety and old and also damaged too, but it is vary clean inside because I just cleaned it a few weeks ago as of this post. Now both computers today run non stop I used them as servers sometimes as a display piece for other people to see. But I maintain them daily, and both run just fine. :-\
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Re: What Was Your Longest Lasting PC Computer
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Easily oldest, Shiva, of which I do not know the original install date. It was rebuilt around 2000 or so and the existing install and disk is from the same time. It has been through many board changes, and I think the only original hardware still remaining in the system are the two hard disks and the floppy drive. Just over a month ago I did a chassis swap. It runs Windows 98 FE.

Shiva is the computer on the left in this picture:

My daily driver Win7 PC is probably my second longest running, but its days are numbered. It was built in 2009 or 2010 as a new build that replaced my Windows XP computer (and the board from that XP computer is currently in Shiva). However, the two disks from that XP computer are still in the Win7 system and that system I never shut down or reboot. Longet concurrent uptime was around 3 years or so and that was some years ago already. The two WinXP disks each have over 177K Power On Hours.


Re: What Was Your Longest Lasting PC Computer
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A laptop that I had in 2010/2011 (it still works although more difficult) and an old PC which must date from the 2000s which belongs to one of my relatives

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Re: What Was Your Longest Lasting PC Computer
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It's a Pentium 3 PC from around 2002 and it was my sister's. It has an Abit VH6-T board and originally a Celeron 600, 256MB RAM and Geforce MX200, a few years later it was upgraded with a Pentium 933 and a Radeon 8500LE. Later our dad got it who wasn't that tech savvy, but wanted to learn how to use a computer because of work. That was around the later-mid-2000s, around 2007 or so. Then went to the bottom of a wardrobe for the next couple of years. When I moved out I took it and still have it with unchanged specs and the same Windows XP install I did for my father back in the day, though the optical drive is faulty.

The second longest was my previous daily driver I bought in February 2009. A Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H board with Athlon X2 5050e, 4GB RAM and Radeon HD4670. It was upgraded to a Phenom II X3 720 and HD5770 around 2012 and a Phenom T X6 1055T and HD7850 around 2014-2015, and at some point around the Phenom X3 upgrade another 4GB RAM was added. I used this PC until September 2019 and sold it in December the same year. That's a little over 10 years. I kept the case and the 3.5" memory card reader though which I still use for my XP nostalgia PC. Sometimes I regret selling it. I didn't get that much for a PC that old and it would also make a great XP nostalgia PC. It's probably in a landfill by now.

My current daily driver is No.4 on the list with 5 years of service life barely a year behind the PC I used in my high school years, but I will upgrade it with a Ryzen 7 5700, another 16GB RAM and an RX7600 and continue using it for a few more years. I can easily see it taking the No.2 spot.
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Re: What Was Your Longest Lasting PC Computer
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I'm posting from a decade old MacBook Air. Still going strong. Not a PC I guess though.

I had a Gateway computer from like 2003 till.. 2015? The monitor died and was replaced years prior to 2015. Replaced the Gateway with a secondhand eMachines laptop that lasted like three or four years after I obtained it. It was probably about that old when I got it.

Re: What Was Your Longest Lasting PC Computer
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Well, I always used other people's PCs, but 3 years ago I bought a MacBook M1 and it still holds up today. Well, not to the best capacity, but it holds (I'm in denial and need to buy a new one)