Author Topic: VGCollect redirects to unintended pages  (Read 311 times)

VGCollect redirects to unintended pages
« on: June 10, 2024, 03:54:18 am »
Im having this weird issue with the site where clicking on any link on the the site redirects me to either my activity feed or back to the previous page. It is very frustrating trying to add games to my collection as when submitting a search for a game name and system my search is ignored and i get booted to the activity feed over and over. It also happens with other pages on the site as if clicking links is working like the browser back button. after logging in and pressing a link on the activity feed ill get booted back to the login screen, and my login has expired if i hit back in my browser to return to the activity feed. i have tried this on opera gx and chrome and both share this issue. it doesnt appear at all in any of my other frequently visited sites, just VGCollect.
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Re: VGCollect redirects to unintended pages
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Unless others report a similar issue, we would approach this as a client issue. Since you report the issue is browser agnostic, then you should look at the underlying system. You have failed to provide any information about your system. You can post what type of device you are using to navigate the site, as well as a user agent from one of your browsers.

General testing steps
- clear cache and cookies for the site and retest
- use the site from another device