Demon Attack (Picture Label) Box Art
Demon Attack (Picture Label) Box Art
Demon Attack (Picture Label) Box Art

Demon Attack (Picture Label)

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Alt-Name Demon Attack
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Imagic
Publisher(s): Imagic
Platform: Atari 2600 (VCS) [NA]
Genre: Classic
Rating: None
Item Number: IA3200
Barcode: NA
Release Date: 1982
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
10-27-2012 exonerator Cart/Disc/Media Art new
10-27-2012 exonerator Back Box Art new
10-27-2012 exonerator Front Box Art new
10-27-2012 exonerator Item Number IA3200
10-27-2012 exonerator Rating 9
10-27-2012 exonerator Genre 4
10-27-2012 exonerator Developer 727
10-27-2012 exonerator Alt-Name Demon Attack
01-29-2012 jeffsgames Cart/Disc/Media Art new
01-29-2012 jeffsgames Front Box Art new
01-29-2012 jeffsgames Release Date - Year 1982
10-17-2011 windows98 Front Box Art new
09-23-2011 byron Created

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