Mario Party 8 Box Art
Mario Party 8 Box Art
Mario Party 8 Box Art

Mario Party 8

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Estimated Value: $26.35 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Hudson
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii [NA]
Genre: Party
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: RVL-RM8E-USA-B0
Barcode: 045496900045
Release Date: May 29 2007
Description: NA
Box Text: All new features/boards! Mario Party for Wii also includes dozens of new mini-games, six new party boards and many new game modes. In a series first, players can transform their characters into many forms, such as player-smashing boulders and coin-sucking vampires. Mario Party Wii includes "extra large" mini games like Star Carnival Bowling and Table Menace. One to four players can play Mario Party, each with a Wii Remote.
Date User Field Value
08-02-2014 critter7405 Item Number RVL-RM8E-USA-B0
11-03-2012 exonerator Back Box Art new
11-03-2012 exonerator Front Box Art new
11-03-2012 exonerator Description
11-03-2012 exonerator Box Text All new features/boards! Mario Party for Wii also includes dozens of new mini-games, six new party boards and many new game modes. In a series first, players can transform their characters into many forms, such as player-smashing boulders and coin-sucking vampires. Mario Party Wii includes "extra large" mini games like Star Carnival Bowling and Table Menace. One to four players can play Mario Party, each with a Wii Remote.
11-03-2012 exonerator Release Date - Year 2007
11-03-2012 exonerator Release Date - Day 29
11-03-2012 exonerator Release Date - Month 5
11-03-2012 exonerator Developer 116
12-29-2008 reuzovich Created

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22tylers Message
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Aaron6521 Message
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alex223999 Message
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astralsoul Message
asylumangel Message
atqdave Message
atreyukun Message
auamn Message
backtobionic Message
bacondude Message
balford Message
balla101 Message
balonator Message
bamstick138 Message
bananeroyale Message
bankslammer Message
banny5 Message
basisforaday Message
bathory Message
bedrocksolid Message
benace75 Message
best4bond Message
bfbeam Message
bigboss7051 Message
bikingjahuty Message
bitbe Message
blacha970 Message
blackarachnid41 Message
blaqk182 Message
blastdude Message
blazeblast87 Message
blipcs76 Message
bloodedgedreaper Message
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bobbyg1983 Message
bobster Message
booton Message
bowzasaurusrex Message
boysuitsy Message
brandon913 Message
breezer0029 Message
brendanekelley Message
brody1404 Message
brunauss Message
buffelvis Message
bulbasaur001 Message
burntbuttons Message
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bvp Message
bwp240 Message
caiterz Message
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candyman106 Message
captainthighjob Message
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catfishjonny Message
cdmphoenix Message
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clanhuntercrio Message
Clashbomb Message
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cloretts Message
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coliver80 Message
complimentgoblin Message
coraguardian Message
coreykun667 Message
corkscroo Message
Cornish Message
corygbp Message
courtlyhades296 Message
crazyeights Message
critter7405 Message
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csteclaire Message
dabuss55 Message
dalanimilbus Message
dalmanator Message
dangerdolan Message
daoutlaw46 Message
darkdork1 Message
darkknight4251 Message
darkographist Message
darrin9999 Message
darthmeatloaf Message
dataz722 Message
davidpug Message
davidtlurker Message
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dayvhy Message
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dccloth Message
death259 Message
deltaellisquid Message
derrjamie Message
derrjamie Message
desperatemeasuresproductions Message
devancowan Message
diegomeb Message
digdugdad Message
digidesdan Message
digitalluv Message
dive Message
dividesbyzero Message
doctorcavity Message
donsolo128 Message
doshinheretic Message
doublethink Message
dracieldefender Message
dravensth Message
dreamstate Message
dreyfus2006 Message
drivecerulean Message
drs Message
Drumma716 Message
dsgoddess Message
duelpear Message
dugassteph Message
dynamitesj Message
ebreggie Message
edennis8 Message
edmundburkewasright Message
ejay16us Message
elyser Message
emagen303 Message
emberblaine1 Message
emceemd Message
emeraldsonic Message
emporerdragon Message
ert0426 Message
esperkin Message
faantastic Message
facu513 Message
fafafanta Message
fairmetallichands Message
fantasrick Message
fatalgamer Message
faxmachine Message
ffmaniac2050 Message
filligan Message
filmcow Message
fireheart00 Message
firepuppy Message
Flashback2012 Message
fonzinator Message
forlorn Message
formalandy Message
fprambo Message
franticdav Message
frozenfoxes45 Message
fueno Message
fulltimegamer Message
fumeshi Message
furabixa Message
G1ZM0TR0N Message
galacticplatypus Message
gameboygeek Message
gamecool Message
gamemaster529 Message
GamerNick Message
ganondoom Message
garrettperry Message
gavinsquid Message
gc7dirtywords Message
gecko101 Message
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generalklenkton Message
ghostwarmen Message
ginkeifighter4 Message
globorojo Message
gokurin Message
gonif Message
goodlygooder Message
gorbrushthriftweed Message
grassmonk Message
greatjusticezig Message
greentoker Message
gregreyh Message
gsauter Message
guitarman2021 Message
guygus09 Message
haloofthesun Message
hammyboy6 Message
happy4prez Message
harpy Message
havoc22 Message
hawk767 Message
hayden Message
heavymetalpowerslave Message
hellblazer1138 Message
helvetiaking Message
hexen Message
hiducki Message
hifeno Message
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huntpelletier Message
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hylianminstrel Message
ianomatic Message
icyhottacos Message
ignition365 Message
infamousredyoshi Message
infinitemonkey Message
invisiman Message
itssilverlps Message
iwinufail Message
jabbamix Message
jacosta24 Message
jaklyra Message
jalien Message
jciner Message
jcragons Message
jcs12c Message
jdabney Message
jdh2099 Message
jdsizzleslice Message
jediintraining Message
jedmund Message
jeek Message
jeff4433 Message
jeffculligan Message
jeffmandm Message
jeffsgames Message
jemshadewalker Message
jimbo1012 Message
jimbo1012 Message
jinxmoody Message
jlatimer11 Message
jlindholme47 Message
jlosep Message
jo351 Message
joebryk Message
jokerman1716 Message
jonasrosland Message
jonathonstriker Message
joofhoward Message
josh634 Message
josh82 Message
joshuadalegrimes Message
joshuamad1978 Message
jostlo1000 Message
jscomix Message
jsgd241 Message
judorunner Message
junebug43 Message
jurassicjeep12 Message
justinius Message
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justinius2 Message
jvgames Message
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k1nix Message
kabiisama Message
kalenbobalen Message
kameksans Message
kamenridersurtr Message
kandelly Message
karei714 Message
karinamori Message
karnako Message
karvo Message
kaxey Message
kendall1287 Message
kentuckycc Message
kidr0cker Message
kingcerberus Message
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kingrat101 Message
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klinecars Message
knight90 Message
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kripey Message
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kvnlarimore Message
kyleslonelyheartsclubband Message
lalonro Message
lancer1977 Message
lazyburrito Message
leal1073 Message
leburn98 Message
legatoskyheart Message
legendarysupermario Message
Lemonadez Message
leodv1980 Message
libernullmal Message
lide128 Message
lilleorg Message
linksshadow Message
listontj Message
littlecasaroo Message
livernbits Message
lkjhgfdsa77 Message
logca Message
lorddarkrai Message
lordjohn Message
lordsofskulls Message
losingsleep412 Message
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Lyokokrill Message
m3rcurymorbid Message
macmay91 Message
madmankevin Message
magfest Message
makoblade Message
mammothlps Message
mandlar Message
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mantixero Message
marbletyler Message
marconan Message
Mario83w Message
markmahwords Message
martylarson Message
martymcfly Message
martyparty47 Message
marzgurl Message
matimo4u Message
mawhinney Message
mbornholdt Message
mcfood Message
mcharles2509 Message
mcourneya Message
mdoerty Message
megabomberman Message
megasilverx1 Message
megasnorlax Message
megasohma Message
megazardx Message
megreat1 Message
mehlonhead Message
memelord99 Message
merchantgamer Message
mikalis Message
mike527 Message
milehighconstruction Message
milthiade Message
minipok Message
missgamergeek Message
missinterocitor Message
mister0electric Message
mitchregis Message
mkarasch Message
mmont007 Message
mo1134 Message
molestomatic Message
molloy2304 Message
monix88 Message
monteleone Message
moonlightvalkyrie Message
morinphen Message
motopants Message
mountaindrew998 Message
mrprez180 Message
mrtux Message
mrx4000 Message
msparadise Message
mtthwwlkr Message
mturcotte Message
mulciberxp Message
mungular Message
murrtallica Message
mutatedleg Message
nakedjohn Message
naldofx Message
namtabb27 Message
naota09 Message
natcon0368 Message
natr0nic Message
nattieboompo Message
necrinom Message
negatron1000 Message
negatron1000 Message
neoscyther Message
neosephiroth11 Message
nichisgreek Message
nikodile Message
ninjacape Message
ninjad1423 Message
nintendragon Message
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no1likesdennis Message
nobunagathefool Message
nounie Message
numberj Message
obstructionofyou Message
olafberserker37 Message
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omegazero22xx Message
omnises Message
ongotom Message
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ottoshadow Message
palazzi Message
pancake5 Message
papaosogoloso Message
paranoid Message
parkerz5409 Message
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patriotfromchaos Message
pattison90iw Message
pauljtesi Message
penguinfan190 Message
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pllanos85 Message
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PrinnyLord Message
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rayne315 Message
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rgrindell Message
ric18aka Message
richard85 Message
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rkvideogames Message
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rpgtourguide Message
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rszafryk Message
rubeolo Message
rummy Message
samsquanch Message
sanchezroberto Message
sanjamal Message
savagebrennan Message
savanniek Message
scart69 Message
schecklmans Message
schwarrzenegger Message
scottsc Message
sdyar Message
seanyb1987 Message
seaslug Message
seebothaseeb Message
seethercord Message
sefferson Message
sentinel83 Message
septictank Message
sewell Message
shabbanation Message
shadowmoses05 Message
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shadowthepika Message
shaneaythom Message
shaunie95 Message
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silverpotato96 Message
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sketchman44 Message
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socom360 Message
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splakeboss421 Message
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squidkid768 Message
squidkid768 Message
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willhawthorne Message
willygz Message
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Username Message
bathory Message
dataz722 Message
Oheao Message
xshaggy13x Message

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Username Message
4agemenace Message
afroyoshi Message
alexcolewell Message
anonymousguy3 Message
battlekatt Message
bikingjahuty Message
blackdoublecut Message
blinxerizer Message
blodwast Message
bobdenver Message
bouncepad Message
bugboy Message
Bwigdahl Message
claudius Message
coop Message
corexretro Message
coryoon Message
darkdork1 Message
darknessedg3 Message
dawnfreak Message
dawnfreak Message
doubad Message
dstone Message
dtreadway45 Message
Dylanmp1 Message
epicninjask123 Message
explosion352 Message
fcbarcelona101 Message
femtogodhand Message
fighterpilot562 Message
fluttershed Message
fmofdeath Message
forwhatremains Message
foxigirl Message
furysstylez Message
gf78 Message
grimllock Message
hipp1e Message
hypoxium Message
jdkw50 Message
jebusbigg Message
jenngofett Message
jerrycosmo Message
kennatriz Message
kntstar Message
kokonami Message
leox Message
maxelthugduqc98 Message
maximo310 Message
merriphi0001421 Message
midnitezer0 Message
mlaborda Message
motrax Message
mp0309 Message
mrmurphy Message
nejifer Message
nickkchilla Message
nintendoxium Message
npx87 Message
oniscape Message
pajam Message
pwnage765 Message
rangerlunis Message
ravenofwar Message
retrogameronline Message
rrudnicki11 Message
samususual Message
sclaxplayer Message
skeleky4 Message
slipknotsam Message
slothingXPIG Message
stroud Message
studmuffingamer Message
sugarsprout Message
sveino Message
tamrick Message
theory Message
therandel Message
tylerbacz Message
unanimousprime Message
vancha Message
vgmaniac456 Message
Virtuoso Message
wickler02 Message
winitosh Message
wolfyduh Message
yoh1993 Message
zodiacin308 Message
zomboi1977 Message
zz123by680 Message

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