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Binding of Isaac, The: Rebirth

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): NA
Publisher(s): NA
Platform: PlayStation Network (PS4) [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - M (US / Canada)
Item Number: NA
Barcode: NA
Release Date: November 4 2014
Description: NA
Box Text: The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. Following Isaac on his journey, players will find bizarre treasures that change Isaac’s form giving him super human abilities and enabling him to fight off droves of mysterious creatures, discover secrets and fight his way to safety.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the ultimate of remakes with an all-new highly efficient game engine, all-new hand-drawn pixel style artwork, highly polished visual effects, all-new soundtrack and audio by Ridiculon, and hundreds upon hundreds of designs, redesigns and re-tuned enhancements by series creator, Edmund McMillen.

Gameplay Details:
-4 BILLION Seeded Runs!
-20 Challenge Runs
-450+ Items, including 160 new unlockables
-Analog Direction movement and speed
-Over 100 specialized seeds
-10 playable characters
-100+ enemies
-Over 50 bosses, including new and rare bosses
Date User Field Value
11-06-2014 arioca Front Box Art new
11-06-2014 krelyan Name Binding of Isaac, The: Rebirth
11-05-2014 krelyan Created

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