Bloodborne Box Art


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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): FromSoftware
Platform: PlayStation 4 [EU]
Genre: RPG
Rating: PEGI - 16 (Europe)
Item Number: CUSA-00207
Barcode: 711719800514
Release Date: March 25 2015
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
10-16-2016 koemo1 Item Number CUSA-00207
10-16-2016 koemo1 Barcode 711719800514
12-30-2015 erevis Release Date - Year 2015
12-30-2015 erevis Release Date - Day 25
12-30-2015 erevis Genre 12
12-30-2015 erevis Release Date - Month 3
12-30-2015 erevis Publisher 12
12-30-2015 erevis Developer 6272
03-24-2015 NA Created

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