Lion King, The Box Art
Lion King, The Box Art
Lion King, The Box Art

Lion King, The

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Alt-Name Disney's The Lion King
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Westwood Studios
Publisher(s): Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Platform: Sega Mega Drive [EU]
Genre: Platformer
Rating: ELSPA - 3+ (Europe)
Item Number: T-70316-50
Barcode: 5028587020018
Release Date: December 8 1994
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
04-12-2019 tripredacus Cart/Disc/Media Art new
04-12-2019 tripredacus Item Number T-70316-50
04-12-2019 tripredacus Alt-Name Disney's The Lion King
04-12-2019 tripredacus Name Lion King, The
04-05-2018 tripredacus Name Disney's The Lion King
05-03-2016 shinyproton Cart/Disc/Media Art new
05-03-2016 shinyproton Back Box Art new
06-01-2013 foxhack Developer 1157
06-01-2013 foxhack Name Lion King, The
04-04-2013 90svideogamedude Created

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