Altered Beast Box Art
Altered Beast Box Art
Altered Beast Box Art

Altered Beast

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Estimated Value: $8.98 [via]
Alt-Name Juuouki
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Sega of America, Inc.
Developer(s): Sega Enterprises Ltd.
Platform: Sega Genesis [NA]
Genre: Platformer
Rating: None
Item Number: NA
Barcode: 010086011005
Release Date: August 14 1989
Description: Also available in Sega Genesis Altered Beast packs, with and without TMSS.
Box Text: Enter a time when men were warriors and gods ruled the world. A time of good against evil, a place of danger. Summoned by Zeus to rescue Athena, you will infiltrate the underworld with the power to transform into mythical creatures with supernatural strength.
Date User Field Value
07-06-2020 tripredacus Description Also available in Sega Genesis Altered Beast packs, with and without TMSS.
09-06-2017 tripredacus Alt-Name Juuouki
09-06-2017 tripredacus Item Number
01-11-2017 needlecrash Alt-Name (??? J??ki?, lit. "Beast King's Chronicle")
04-08-2013 jcalder8 Item Number 1100
04-01-2013 brunauss Back Box Art new
04-01-2013 brunauss Front Box Art new
04-01-2013 brunauss Box Text Enter a time when men were warriors and gods ruled the world. A time of good against evil, a place of danger. Summoned by Zeus to rescue Athena, you will infiltrate the underworld with the power to transform into mythical creatures with supernatural strength.
04-01-2013 brunauss Release Date - Day 14
04-01-2013 brunauss Release Date - Month 8
04-01-2013 brunauss Publisher 590
04-01-2013 brunauss Developer 285
06-26-2012 compiled Barcode 010086011005
06-26-2012 compiled Release Date - Year 1989
06-26-2012 compiled Publisher 21
06-26-2012 compiled Rating 9
06-26-2012 compiled Developer 2305
NA NA Created

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