Gauntlet (black cartridge) Box Art
Gauntlet (black cartridge) Box Art
Gauntlet (black cartridge) Box Art

Gauntlet (black cartridge)

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Unofficial Release
Developer(s): Tengen
Publisher(s): Tengen
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System [US]
Genre: Action
Rating: None
Item Number: NA
Barcode: 031763011125
Release Date: January 3 1987
Description: NA
Box Text: The arcade sensation comes home. This is it. The game everybody's been waiting for, Gauntlet, the most successful arcade game of all time has come home. And it brings with it all the characters, dungeons, traps, treasures, and excitement you loved in the arcades.
Date User Field Value
02-22-2019 aliensstudios Name Gauntlet (black cartridge)
06-19-2017 telly Name Gauntlet (Black Cartridge)
11-21-2012 nintendojuggalo Release Date - Day 3
11-21-2012 nintendojuggalo Release Date - Month 1
11-21-2012 nintendojuggalo Genre 1
08-12-2011 atariboy Cart/Disc/Media Art new
08-12-2011 atariboy Box Text The arcade sensation comes home. This is it. The game everybody's been waiting for, Gauntlet, the most successful arcade game of all time has come home. And it brings with it all the characters, dungeons, traps, treasures, and excitement you loved in the arcades.
08-12-2011 atariboy Barcode 031763011125
08-12-2011 atariboy Rating 9
NA NA Created

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oldtimer60 Message
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