Ikari Warriors (5 screw cartridge) Box Art
Ikari Warriors (5 screw cartridge) Box Art
Ikari Warriors (5 screw cartridge) Box Art

Ikari Warriors (5 screw cartridge)

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): SNK / Micronics
Publisher(s): SNK
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System [US]
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up
Rating: None
Item Number: NES-IW-USA
Barcode: NA
Release Date: May 1987
Description: Early NES games had cartridges that used 5 screws to hold them together instead of the more common 3 screws found in most cartridges. Most 5 screw cartridges were later re-released using 3 screw cartridges, although some are only available as 5 screw cartridges.
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
02-22-2019 aliensstudios Name Ikari Warriors (5 screw cartridge)
08-19-2018 randybobandy Back Box Art new
10-26-2011 nintendojuggalo Cart/Disc/Media Art new
10-26-2011 nintendojuggalo Item Number NES-IW-USA
10-26-2011 nintendojuggalo Developer 2288
08-15-2011 g4m3f4c3 Front Box Art new
NA NA Created

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