Mortal Kombat Box Art
Mortal Kombat Box Art
Mortal Kombat Box Art


Mortal Kombat

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Estimated Value: $11.39 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Acclaim
Developer(s): Sculptured Software
Platform: Super Nintendo [NA]
Also on Platforms: 360 [EU] 360 [NA] Amiga [EU] Arcade Arcade PCB Books GB [EU] GB [JP] GB [NA] Genesis GG [EU] GG [JP] GG [NA] Mega CD [AU] Mega CD [EU] Mega Drive [AU] Mega Drive [BR] Mega Drive [CN] Mega Drive [EU] Mega Drive [JP] Mega-CD [JP] PC [NA] PS3 [EU] PS3 [NA] PSN (PS3) [EU] PSN (PS3) [NA] PSN (Vita) [EU] PSN (Vita) [NA] Sega CD [BR] Sega CD [NA] SMS [AU] SMS [BR] SMS [EU] SNES [EU] Soundtrack Tiger LCD Vita [EU] Vita [NA] Xbox 360 Digital [EU] Xbox 360 Digital [NA]
Genre: Fighting
Rating: None
Item Number: SNS-KX-USA
Barcode: 021481601074
Release Date: September 13 1993
Description: NA
The #1 arcade hit is here: from Sub-Zero, Rayden and the rest of the Kombat Warriors to the grueling endurance and intense mirror matches! Execute bone-shattering combos and ferocious finishing moves! Defeat the half human dragon Goro, and destroy the shape-changing Shang Tsung to become the Supreme Mortal Kombat Warrior!
Date User Field Value
10-10-2017 tripredacus Front Box Art new
02-08-2016 silverbow Release Date - Day 13
02-08-2016 silverbow Developer 657
03-09-2014 pacpix Box Text PREPARE YOURSELF... The #1 arcade hit is here: from Sub-Zero, Rayden and the rest of the Kombat Warriors to the grueling endurance and intense mirror matches! Execute bone-shattering combos and ferocious finishing moves! Defeat the half human dragon Goro, and destroy the shape-changing Shang Tsung to become the Supreme Mortal Kombat Warrior! FINISH HIM! SHATTERING! GORO LIVES! LIU KANG'S FIREBALL! ALL THE KOMBAT WARRIORS! JOHNNY CAGE'S SHADOW KICK!
03-09-2014 pacpix Barcode 021481601074
03-09-2014 pacpix Rating 9
03-02-2014 TheHunterPersian Back Box Art new
04-12-2013 segacanuck Item Number SNS-KX-USA
11-02-2012 darko Cart/Disc/Media Art new
NA pceslayer Created

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12bit Message
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ad Message
adamgr97 Message
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agentfrownie Message
agsabbott Message
ahgoramit Message
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andrew13 Message
andrewmc Message
andyleems Message
angelboricua Message
anonymousguy3wl Message
anotherbodega Message
antoniolol Message
argatroph Message
argyle89 Message
arkansasnes Message
armoredgecko Message
articanos Message
artvand3lay Message
aryaaa Message
ashevent Message
asoingbob Message
atariboy Message
atreyukun Message
audiobox3d Message
awesome64 Message
axeslinger666 Message
azalin19751975 Message
azazelfury Message
azazer Message
AziDahak Message
azmar Message
b2hogan Message
backtobionic Message
baiken Message
baileykun Message
bakednoodle Message
bakerb31 Message
bakertazz Message
ballrude Message
basinpup Message
bawbsogodly Message
bcb Message
Bditman Message
beanbone Message
bejasinski Message
bem Message
benfriend Message
beno81 Message
benrodgers77 Message
bers Message
berzyj0y Message
bes110 Message
bey0nd1d Message
biggrognvald Message
binarez Message
BinaryMessiah Message
bitgamer64 Message
bizzarnage Message
blacha970 Message
blaqk182 Message
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bperry731 Message
brandonl Message
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brbybee Message
breezer0029 Message
brenden09 Message
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brichert Message
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bsmith Message
bsussex Message
bucsfreak27x Message
bulbasaur001 Message
bulletbill89 Message
burntbeef Message
bvp Message
byakhee00 Message
cactusmtz Message
caferevolution Message
camday Message
canadianbacon Message
caneras Message
canti86 Message
capnchrut Message
capsulecomputer Message
captainbill Message
Cartagia Message
Casetuar Message
casmast Message
castletonsnob Message
castlevaniaguy86 Message
castun1138 Message
caulkrocket Message
cawgamer Message
cbates002 Message
cdrier Message
chaddus Message
chaosiv Message
charlesp1138 Message
chayme Message
CheesyNacho Message
chelslynphyre Message
chepa Message
cheshiredon Message
cheshireocelot Message
chewbuzz Message
chickaboo600 Message
chivita07 Message
chrisfantasy Message
chrizgrv Message
claytonwiebe Message
cljester Message
closedsocket Message
cmoliveira Message
cobolx Message
cobraseph Message
cocosso Message
codename4711 Message
coffeejits Message
coliver80 Message
colstubby Message
coltron Message
consolewars Message
cooltobeyou81 Message
corleone2535 Message
corygbp Message
cptkirkamus Message
crafterjg Message
crash7800 Message
cratermania Message
crazy Message
crazy Message
crexildkinfer Message
crgx82 Message
Cronosmk Message
crossuy Message
csteclaire Message
cterrito1 Message
cyberboz Message
cyboth Message
dahloi Message
dak1ng Message
dalmanator Message
dangerdolan Message
danmakura Message
dannabr Message
daoutlaw46 Message
darklordme Message
darko Message
darkouer Message
darkprince Message
darkrelease Message
darkvice1 Message
darthmeatloaf Message
darthpepper Message
dashv Message
dataz722 Message
davifus Message
dayday228 Message
dc11192 Message
deadfish617 Message
dehrios Message
dehrios Message
dellamorte13 Message
dellamorte77 Message
demigodrob Message
demonllama6124 Message
densetsu1 Message
destepp11 Message
devindenver Message
diavolo Message
diazflac Message
digitalvampire Message
discohippoletsgo Message
djscully101 Message
dkilbride Message
dominatx Message
donpachi Message
donsolo128 Message
donttdontt Message
dootan Message
doshinheretic Message
dracieldefender Message
dravensth Message
dreadnau7 Message
drevilbones Message
droaa Message
drs Message
dtpm60 Message
dvail27 Message
dwarvendad Message
dwillz55 Message
dylanteebobb Message
dyslexia4cure Message
Dystopic Message
dyzon Message
e1even Message
ebreggie Message
ecalleros88 Message
eclipseninja Message
edmundburkewasright Message
egm16 Message
eliphas0 Message
elscotty Message
elyser Message
emceemd Message
emeraldgamer Message
emleaux Message
enchurito Message
enygma6 Message
eraserarcade Message
ericmerl Message
erobledo Message
evilnick Message
exodus Message
exonerator Message
falindestan Message
famousmortimer Message
fastninja80 Message
fett21 Message
ffmaniac2050 Message
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flavo5000 Message
flyermania Message
FlySolesSF Message
fons383 Message
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gamerboygu82 Message
GamerNick Message
GameWizard Message
gargamelmohaynow Message
garthhudson Message
gatsugodhand Message
gc7dirtywords Message
gcnickel77 Message
geektacular Message
genesaturn Message
genx Message
gesus Message
giffstone Message
ginchy Message
glicko Message
glyrion Message
gmann Message
gnarlyneeks Message
godnightshade Message
goglyelmos Message
gokubatfatman Message
gomi321 Message
goob47 Message
gooddoctorace Message
gorefreek Message
gotogooch Message
graytonio Message
gtitus76 Message
gumonshoe Message
guyinthecorner Message
gyrovorbis Message
hardwarecore Message
hatperson Message
hayden Message
haymaker426 Message
hecluro Message
henrie Message
himaru Message
honeyconsistency Message
hooligonzo Message
hoser69420 Message
hotwings117 Message
hubbs2 Message
hungrygoriya Message
hwwman Message
hypnosprojecthq Message
icemirrors18 Message
ichigoxkurosaki Message
icyhottacos Message
idma Message
idurbin Message
idurbin Message
ignition365 Message
ihavenothingtoplay Message
impossiblegaming Message
invaderken Message
ironhandmd Message
iterrazas10 Message
iterrazas10 Message
ithinkibrokeit Message
j2dasun Message
jacosta24 Message
jadr9999 Message
jagh1984 Message
jaklyra Message
jaklyra Message
jamesandhisgames Message
jamesboy31 Message
jbf86 Message
jdimmock Message
jdjd Message
jebuskrist Message
jediintraining Message
jedtan Message
jeffcox111 Message
jeffmaelstrom Message
jemmons467 Message
jfoxworthy Message
jgangsta187 Message
jibbygog Message
jimgotch Message
jitzuthemonk Message
jlindholme47 Message
jlosep Message
jmil8502 Message
jmrueii Message
jmrueii Message
jmward32 Message
joanilsonsantos Message
jobocan Message
joebryk Message
joehaaafs Message
johnnyboy1985 Message
johnnyg5646 Message
johnnyonthespot Message
jokerman1716 Message
jonathanmapley Message
jonnyrocket32 Message
joofhoward Message
jordanarowland Message
jpmaher2222 Message
jpmaher2222 Message
jpmaher2222boxes Message
jpmaher2222boxes Message
jpobrien1980 Message
jrjigga57 Message
jrsupermoore Message
jsgd241 Message
jspydur Message
judas77 Message
jupevgc Message
jusbobby Message
justinius Message
juxtapost Message
jxkx18 Message
kaebelhar Message
kael5437 Message
kaelee Message
kalelrao Message
kanowrx Message
karkilan Message
kc0n Message
keenanam Message
keisukezero Message
kens0u Message
kesselrunpdx Message
kevinrayhoover Message
kevleo679 Message
kilros Message
kingp05 Message
kingrat101 Message
kingtarabay Message
kira Message
kiyoshir13 Message
kizzer70 Message
kizzer70 Message
kk Message
knightfallx Message
kntstar Message
kodie Message
kotega Message
koyak Message
kravity Message
krebes Message
kretorkinfer Message
kriskinnus Message
kvnlarimore Message
kyitt Message
kyleslonelyheartsclubband Message
lacdex64 Message
lazyshow Message
lbcarpenter Message
leal1073 Message
leclair Message
legatoskyheart Message
lgordon2 Message
lhd Message
licjohnny21 Message
lide128 Message
lifeofzay Message
ligerbusa Message
Limeface Message
linuxfanman Message
listontj Message
livernbits Message
loadingplayerone Message
lordmeatpie Message
lucascaldas Message
lukeshan Message
lumix Message
LYG Message
lynxo Message
magfest Message
magnalupus Message
majingrim Message
makattack98 Message
mandlar Message
marcus1001000 Message
mark1982 Message
martd Message
martinhoule Message
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mastodon Message
matala Message
matthewjameslaker Message
mauro1982 Message
maverickrenegade Message
mayonasium Message
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mbornholdt Message
mbs357 Message
mc8045 Message
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mcharles2509 Message
meblaisdell Message
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megreat1 Message
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meowthspal21 Message
merchantgamer Message
merlex7us Message
michaelalves01 Message
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multifrog3 Message
mungular Message
muya Message
naicigam Message
namoore1 Message
nathanielfoster Message
nczuma Message
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ndemarco29 Message
necroc Message
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Nescollector101 Message
nhunter9353 Message
nickawesome Message
nickshaner Message
nickvinsant Message
nikodile Message
nikzwick Message
ninjacape Message
nintendopresents Message
nmiller Message
nomirn Message
nounie Message
npx87 Message
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nschwartz01 Message
nukem90 Message
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oldgameszelda Message
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orthodoxcandlegoat Message
osunekovan Message
ownerizer Message
pacpix Message
palazzi Message
papacap25 Message
parrotdise Message
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PeppermintButler Message
person624 Message
persona420 Message
pesthoernchen Message
pesvastus Message
philazoid Message
phillybyrd Message
pinkelite57 Message
pis Message
pixelretro Message
pllanos85 Message
pojosama Message
polestar1978 Message
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presertim Message
projectkmr Message
proskier Message
psychoapeguy Message
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retrogameronline Message
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robertscordato Message
robinizan0249 Message
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rustin2012 Message
rx79 Message
ryanxp Message
saberwolf10 Message
sagavania Message
sailokynn Message
SaintJared Message
saltycracker Message
samsung82 Message
sapathy Message
savagekyus Message
scaryoldbike Message
sckarmore101 Message
scoobs22 Message
scottydk Message
scramblinjace Message
scraph4ppy Message
segacanuck Message
segacanuck Message
segamer Message
seifer13 Message
senortacobell Message
sens Message
sessiz Message
shadowmoses05 Message
shanec0re Message
shaunie95 Message
shenmuetacos Message
shepard11 Message
sherpahigh Message
shiftypowers Message
shinatproof Message
shinobugm Message
shlim45 Message
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si1ence Message
silentbill Message
silentcomplexity Message
simonbelmont Message
sinmonkey Message
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sixstringhook Message
skenyon1811 Message
sketchman44 Message
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SlimerNYC89 Message
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steven5798 Message
stevenholly Message
stevetothepast Message
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suangpornjaturaphut Message
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superisaias64 Message
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TheDreadGazeebo Message
thedude722 Message
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TheHunterPersian Message
thesharkprincess Message
thespectrewithin Message
thetsw Message
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thevampireburt Message
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thunderbrain2002 Message
timmylace Message
tjc92 Message
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tk421tmj Message
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vikkib421 Message
Violentraid Message
vmelo Message
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vrossv Message
vsigma100 Message
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wangatang Message
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wartoy Message
WatashiWaFanboy Message
whicker Message
white1181 Message
wildjamesappears Message
willianholtz Message
willyg1982 Message
wisemanshade Message
wisesoul Message
worsel Message
wstxkrypto Message
xalechim Message
xanotherdaydownx Message
xaxxixp Message
xbox4ever Message
xmike94 Message
xshaggy13x Message
xsuicidesn0wmanx Message
xthedevistatorx Message
yeagert Message
yobtorg Message
yuggo Message
yungslimreaper Message
yuri53122 Message
zanshin Message
zarvinn3 Message
zenwolfsin Message
zephyria Message
zephyria Message
zero Message
zierlaz Message
zingem Message
zmaynard85 Message
zmcdowell88 Message
zombeaver Message
zombie1969 Message
zurain Message

This is a list of VGCollect users who have Mortal Kombat in their Sell List.

Username Message
awesome64 Message
dehrios Message
ginchy Message
swisstwist Message
theflea Message
tjc92 Message
vholf Message
xcaliber Message
xshaggy13x Message

This is a list of VGCollect users who have Mortal Kombat in their Wish List.

Username Message
5pear Message
5pear Message
Aidan25 Message
akron90sgamer Message
alexkerscher Message
andfpr Message
andfpr Message
anonymousguy3 Message
beedawgg Message
beedawgg Message
beefdx Message
beefdx Message
bilbo Message
blitzcraig Message
bradwink Message
brandon913 Message
brucelee3000 Message
brucelee3000 Message
buckster03 Message
cardsandhuskers Message
cashd94 Message
charlie2074 Message
charlie2074 Message
crazyjohnt Message
crazyjohnt1 Message
dapmaster50k Message
dapmaster50k Message
darthmaximus17 Message
dhraz Message
djheartforce Message
dtreadway45 Message
eaglelord9814 Message
earle117 Message
endlessmike Message
Exit Message
fighterpilot562 Message
formalandy Message
funkatronic Message
gaminggadfly Message
ganondoom Message
hakkai687 Message
iskelly87 Message
jackdaripper Message
jaimeeselena Message
jcaste Message
jlink4603 Message
justinius Message
justinius Message
kbit Message
kempatsu Message
kotsumo Message
marcuswc Message
marioman Message
markcuskris Message
mchaso Message
mhmsodoi Message
mugifi Message
mwise Message
Neocronic Message
Neocronic Message
nickleevee Message
oakie32 Message
originalevil Message
pastyboii Message
pracmakesperf Message
qchaze Message
rappaport0 Message
rayrayjay Message
renatocollector Message
retroraideraustin Message
rrudnicki11 Message
rrudnicki11 Message
sasquatch4130 Message
silverpotato96 Message
stevenhott Message
tamrick Message
tamrick Message
thrash187 Message
tibbarabbit Message
tibbarabbit Message
timwazheer Message
trilix Message
tylerbacz Message
vmelo Message
WannaTradePants Message
werewald Message
wolfyduh Message
xbit Message
xshaggy13x Message
yanish Message
yggdrassill Message
zer0hvk Message
zodiacin308 Message

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