Super Mario 64 Box Art
Super Mario 64 Box Art
Super Mario 64 Box Art

Super Mario 64

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64 [EU]
Genre: Platformer
Rating: ELSPA - 3+ (Europe)
Item Number: NUS-NSMP-EUR
Barcode: 045496870010
Release Date: March 1 1997
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
06-23-2017 sydan Rating 13
06-23-2017 sydan Developer 506
02-01-2016 ryanlcfc3 Barcode 045496870010
01-31-2016 ryanlcfc3 Barcode 4549687001
04-13-2012 weng Cart/Disc/Media Art new
04-13-2012 weng Item Number NUS-NSMP-EUR
10-21-2011 kirbysuperstar Created

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4gigas Message
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achosenpessimist Message
adnia Message
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agentsculder Message
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azurooth Message
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bakipum Message
banjokazooie59 Message
barc95 Message
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baumetto Message
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bbenouille Message
beankp60 Message
bellund Message
benez256 Message
BenjiBrew Message
beto Message
bigloscos Message
bilaljai Message
bimba Message
bingodobber77 Message
biohazardsega Message
bjnfs Message
blacksabbat Message
blankgesture Message
bliktomaat Message
bluebyza Message
bluevomit Message
bluray467 Message
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bobban Message
bobi Message
bok04 Message
boomer29 Message
boquetipo Message
boydeh Message
braddersfreeman Message
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brecht Message
briareoskerensky Message
budgie Message
burgerzaken Message
buzthescouser Message
bvanvliet86 Message
bvg Message
bwr Message
byronical2 Message
bystjerna Message
cabbie Message
CamaradaJah Message
captainda Message
cato242 Message
cbtlover Message
centauri167 Message
chadvera Message
chessknot Message
chromax Message
chrome5000 Message
cicero Message
citizenwho Message
citronic1 Message
claus Message
clayton Message
cma7os Message
cobold Message
colicub Message
collectorofprettythings Message
consoleretro Message
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cosmocortney Message
cousiyvan Message
craig214 Message
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curtispro Message
cyrix Message
daberga Message
dadoc1981 Message
daktr Message
dannen82 Message
dante363 Message
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dany09 Message
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darkado Message
darkdrago111 Message
daro3891 Message
darvds Message
daveit Message
deadandy Message
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demichel93 Message
densy Message
deucalion Message
deuxbot Message
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dexter8890 Message
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dimitrileonidas Message
diztar Message
djzooi Message
dlundh Message
dobermann Message
docgroove Message
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docsarcastic Message
dodger64bit Message
dolmonm Message
dondetti Message
dr68 Message
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drillbucket Message
drunkbongo Message
drunkenm666 Message
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dtp7joga Message
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elguapo Message
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eluc Message
embryodave Message
emyxia Message
endlessdecay666 Message
erikvr Message
esajas Message
esterl1212 Message
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eth4n90 Message
ethanyanga Message
eugetiti Message
ev3rt Message
eveke Message
evilbobbins Message
evilgeten Message
exile911 Message
faker Message
fanmanny73 Message
fanmnny Message
fatherfarva Message
fauserbu Message
fcovas Message
fedrow Message
figurinivlc Message
fildacz Message
fipek Message
fixkey Message
fixumi Message
fizk3n Message
fkarlsson Message
flanderosa Message
flare Message
fmario Message
foobear Message
forerunner Message
forgreatjustice Message
fortrex Message
frankrobert Message
fredperry Message
freehuggz Message
frille Message
fromfirst2last Message
funz Message
furbeach Message
fusse Message
fuzzhi Message
gabber123 Message
gam3r4fun Message
gama86 Message
gamerlaerer Message
gammak Message
gd Message
gdragt Message
gear1593 Message
gincius23 Message
glitzerbaerchi Message
glooff Message
gonzalez24 Message
goodfellalarry Message
gothqueen Message
gouken Message
gramodrana Message
grant1289 Message
grayhex Message
greensoap Message
grizzle Message
grumpylemon Message
guasavy Message
gurinryo14 Message
guybrush82 Message
hagrimm Message
hairyspoon Message
halfaworldaway Message
halle89 Message
handarth Message
harcalion Message
haxsaix Message
hb1981 Message
hectorgs77 Message
hellrider1988 Message
highwinder Message
hik4ru Message
hjelm Message
holterman Message
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howkudyou Message
hungrypanic Message
ibor Message
icaros Message
igno2k Message
ikk Message
ikkedus Message
ilsonmark Message
imagician Message
imiak Message
irockz707 Message
ironaidan Message
itsame934 Message
ivanxpru Message
iwss Message
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j1gsawen Message
jackyvp92 Message
jackyvp92 Message
jaimy1980 Message
jakaan Message
jamstreet Message
jaron Message
jarzum Message
jatobias Message
javier83 Message
javilee Message
jaxzy Message
jaysome Message
jebi1717 Message
jframos Message
jimgotch Message
jimi44 Message
jimmytwist Message
jinlee20 Message
jjmaia Message
jkage Message
jkyo Message
jmosampaio Message
jmrtdi Message
joentje Message
joeri1991 Message
johan88 Message
johannesress Message
johansorlin Message
jonathanclayton Message
jonathanwood Message
jonkogollo Message
jordez Message
jornfrostad Message
josilo Message
jtthellama Message
jukkami Message
jupevelin Message
justreflektor Message
Jymmy88 Message
kabzoer Message
kacpkwiat Message
kadjar Message
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kam1kaz3nl77 Message
kaneda71 Message
karoi Message
karu184 Message
kashnikov Message
kerareaver Message
kernseif Message
kian2134 Message
kiddykoopa Message
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kingalex197 Message
kirbysuperstar Message
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kmarr Message
koiirorazu Message
kosmiccookies Message
kostasgou Message
kthulu Message
kurashankari Message
Kylmar Message
kyrievalkyrie Message
langstno Message
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lasien Message
lazyguy7331 Message
lechu515 Message
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lemonfreshsmurf Message
lesenfantsterribles Message
lexxifoxx Message
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markellis26 Message
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masamackey Message
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matchmuchach Message
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mes83 Message
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metralla Message
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mgracer Message
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mickypro Message
miezek0tze Message
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miksupro Message
million12 Message
minibit Message
mirios Message
monsieurkoala Message
Mopral Message
moshimoo Message
MozLaPunk Message
mpinkie182 Message
mrconnman123 Message
mrdrew80 Message
mrgamer Message
mrmojorisinx Message
mrtoon Message
mullersten Message
mullersten Message
multifrog3 Message
musoutensei Message
mystemo Message
narbrelur Message
nemo1990 Message
neoalpha92 Message
neppy Message
nic23 Message
nickymaatman Message
nielssie0420 Message
nigelxd Message
nightmaro Message
nightrusticdawn Message
nightrusticdawn Message
nikosrr Message
nillekjaer Message
ninjahenrik Message
nintendoguy1981 Message
nintendoyoshi Message
niosys Message
nookless Message
notsoretro Message
nsignific Message
nuclearnunus Message
nullifidian Message
nulljolt Message
nutcaseatwork Message
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oldson Message
olly88 Message
oriab Message
oscarxd Message
otakingu Message
oxymoronclaws Message
Ozz Message
pajarolok Message
paptschik Message
patrickske99 Message
pawolga Message
pazzini Message
pdog02 Message
penumbraagos Message
perkaw Message
peterblista Message
pezza Message
pfirsichkoala Message
pfyshot Message
phantron Message
pimpmynes Message
pingo Message
piotrasbdg Message
piraka12 Message
pirranftw Message
Pitt99 Message
PlayerC90 Message
polku Message
pordox Message
pressouualban Message
profoundemonium Message
pucka Message
pumpytrunks Message
qoncrete Message
quatroking Message
Quid Message
r3dh3r0 Message
randomencounteryork Message
randomguy01 Message
randomii666 Message
rasielfox92 Message
rasmustom Message
rdoma Message
reach8 Message
redcarwithyellowshoe Message
redrowz Message
reganlbright Message
reggiamoto Message
rehne93 Message
relayer Message
rellix Message
remy1990 Message
repopt Message
reptargamer Message
reptil Message
retr0ssi Message
retro27 Message
retrocraft Message
retrofran Message
retrogamingboy Message
RetroKult Message
retroland Message
retromino Message
retrosorkas Message
reverdix Message
rezuhu Message
rgk38 Message
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rianhunter98 Message
ricksbadfurday Message
roadagain Message
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rockstarshaun757 Message
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romburns Message
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sa9816 Message
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shadow815x Message
shanulleke Message
sharktheunknown Message
shaunmartin1990 Message
shaunmartin1990 Message
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silberregen Message
silius777 Message
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smallsey101 Message
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sonic1994pl Message
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spil Message
spildprodukt Message
spinner912 Message
sprinkels13 Message
sprowt Message
stevesick Message
stieeits Message
stijnco Message
sudden666 Message
sudden666 Message
sudden666 Message
suizakias Message
superi0r Message
surgione Message
swedishgamefreak Message
sWegamer Message
sworddude Message
Syarmakh Message
sydan Message
syljoly Message
syltendo Message
sysasquatch Message
taketrasar Message
tallguyjim Message
tasw Message
tatsu1980 Message
teacake78 Message
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tesseract0 Message
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texkex91 Message
th3dark1ing Message
theangrybadger93 Message
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thetwins75 Message
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throughtheiris56 Message
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tizzemand Message
tknight93 Message
todestaenzer Message
toejam75 Message
toffepeer Message
toj345 Message
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tomasahlin Message
tonichigua Message
tonnied Message
tonycrazius Message
torchickens Message
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tsuyosaheisei Message
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vyf57 Message
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zeronicko Message
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zockratte Message
zockratte Message
zodiacin308 Message
zootrepen Message
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Username Message
icaros Message
sworddude Message
weng Message

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