Tetris Box Art
Tetris Box Art


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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Bullet-Proof Software
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy [EU]
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: ELSPA - 3+ (Europe)
Item Number: DMG-TR-UKV
Barcode: NA
Release Date: September 28 1990
Description: NA
Box Text: NA
Date User Field Value
04-01-2015 tanner0259 Item Number DMG-TR-UKV
04-01-2015 tanner0259 Rating 13
04-28-2014 classicgamer Cart/Disc/Media Art new
01-28-2012 djzooi Created

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Aidan25 Message
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alphavolta Message
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kirua Message
klarod Message
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Kny069 Message
Kny069 Message
koemo1 Message
kostasgou Message
kristian93 Message
krys3000 Message
kuuhakungnl Message
kyrievalkyrie Message
lbreda Message
leanux Message
lemurdon Message
lenain Message
leopardo Message
letarba Message
link90 Message
linusisac Message
lirhya Message
ljaorcish23cherry Message
lobito180 Message
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m0x50 Message
m1795nl Message
m1795nl Message
m1795nl Message
magelock Message
magiclu88 Message
magnadood Message
makkan Message
mandoom Message
maniac Message
manosargos Message
mardo2 Message
markellis26 Message
marloes Message
masamackey Message
mastafafik Message
mastafafik Message
mastafafik Message
mattekalle Message
maxlamenace Message
merty Message
metralla Message
michaelcampbell Message
miezek0tze Message
mkh Message
Mopral Message
morkee Message
MozLaPunk Message
mrblunt Message
mrmark Message
mrmaus Message
mrmette Message
msd00m Message
mspooner Message
muesli Message
muhyul Message
musoutensei Message
mystemo Message
nikosrr Message
nillekjaer Message
nilse Message
nishi199 Message
nsignific Message
nsignific Message
nuclearnunus Message
nudelfar Message
nursetekken Message
nutcaseatwork Message
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nyde Message
ohojet Message
olly88 Message
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Ozz Message
patours Message
patrick1704 Message
patrickske99 Message
pazzini Message
pesthoernchen Message
peterblista Message
pewpew666 Message
pfirsichkoala Message
phantron Message
pikalink91 Message
pikalink91 Message
pimpmynes Message
pingo Message
piotrasbdg Message
PlayerC90 Message
polariabotu Message
psyniac Message
quakerultra Message
r2gf Message
rabbihardcore Message
radiohead1986 Message
rahan Message
rahan Message
randomii666 Message
ranhola Message
rasielfox92 Message
rdoma Message
reach8 Message
reggiamoto Message
rehne93 Message
retroaarre Message
retrogamingboy Message
retrogorek Message
RetroKult Message
retrolotti Message
richard0220 Message
robob64 Message
rockstarshaun757 Message
rogeke Message
rollpqp Message
rouknroll Message
rufidor Message
ruimadeiras Message
ryu Message
sabbaticalucifer Message
sadosamurai Message
saijinspooker Message
sammumm Message
sc00t3r Message
scorp Message
scribblejack Message
sebhary Message
sebkun Message
seregon Message
shadowangel85 Message
shfan Message
shinyproton Message
shunsuke7 Message
sibbar Message
skatertine Message
sl00t Message
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sl00t Message
slainester Message
solvesoul Message
spinner912 Message
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stumotor33na3rd Message
sWegamer Message
swexerox Message
syljoly Message
syltendo Message
synt4x Message
sysasquatch Message
tazzy Message
teoteste Message
tesseract0 Message
texkex91 Message
thegouldfish Message
thesilvergamer017 Message
thevgeinstein Message
TheWez1981 Message
theyellowcub Message
thomasro Message
thuy Message
tjonny Message
todestaenzer Message
toejam75 Message
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tonnied Message
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xxhaker25 Message
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z4195 Message
zakyos Message
zemmy Message
zeronicko Message
ziru Message
zockratte Message
zockratte Message
zozoulini78 Message
zsnes Message
zxon Message

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Username Message
brandonleekemp Message
nsignific Message
rahan Message
rahan Message
tsaiko Message

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