Wii Sports Box Art
Wii Sports Box Art
Wii Sports Box Art

Wii Sports

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Estimated Value: $24.49 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD Tokyo
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii [NA]
Genre: Sports
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: C\RVL-RSPE-USA-2
Barcode: NA
Release Date: November 19 2006
Description: NA
Box Text: Play like a pro! Transform your Wii Remote into a baseball bat, tennis racket, bowling ball, golf club, or boxing gloves, and turn yourself into an instant sports superstar! Put yourself right in the game as a Mii - a personalized and customizable Wii version of your! Don't feel like a pro? Pick up the skills you need in over a dozen training games, or just shoot for the best score!
Date User Field Value
08-17-2019 theodw Back Box Art new
08-17-2019 theodw Front Box Art new
11-12-2008 test Created

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