Shenmue Box Art
Shenmue Box Art
Shenmue Box Art


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Estimated Value: $11.80 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Sega AM2
Publisher(s): Sega
Platform: Sega Dreamcast [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - T (US / Canada)
Item Number: 51059
Barcode: 010086510591
Release Date: November 6 2000
Description: Included with the game is the Shenmue Passport disc. On this disc players can receive tutorials about various aspects of the game like minigames or the battle system, watch cutscenes they've already seen in the game, and listen to music from the game. This disc also includes the option to go online to a special site where players can review world-wide minigame rankings, get hints for the game from Nozomi, review game maps of Yokosuka, trade uncommon items found in the game for even rarer items only available on the passport, and visit the official homepage. This service went offline along with the rest of SegaNet, and all online features are currently impossible to access.
Box Text: The Experience Begins

* A massive and highly detailed 3D world unlike anything ever seen.

* Real-time fighting with moves learned throughout the game - motion capture with real budo experts.

* Interact with a huge cast of characters with movements as intricate as a twitch of a finger.

* "Magic Weather" and "Time Control" technologies bring this world to life in real-time by dramatically effecting changes to environments.
Date User Field Value
06-11-2020 vivigamer Cart/Disc/Media Art new
06-11-2020 vivigamer Back Box Art new
06-11-2020 vivigamer Front Box Art new
02-14-2016 silverbow Genre 1
01-27-2016 lugnut Box Text The Experience Begins * A massive and highly detailed 3D world unlike anything ever seen. * Real-time fighting with moves learned throughout the game - motion capture with real budo experts. * Interact with a huge cast of characters with movements as intricate as a twitch of a finger. * "Magic Weather" and "Time Control" technologies bring this world to life in real-time by dramatically effecting changes to environments.
10-18-2013 mark1982 Front Box Art new
01-30-2009 brandon Created

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