Gauntlet Legends Box Art
Gauntlet Legends Box Art
Gauntlet Legends Box Art

Gauntlet Legends

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Estimated Value: $21.44 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Atari Games Corperation
Publisher(s): Midway
Platform: Nintendo 64 [NA]
Genre: RPG
Rating: ESRB - T (US / Canada)
Item Number: NUS-NGXE-USA
Barcode: 031719198184
Release Date: August 31 1999
Description: Choose from the 4 classic characters (and unlock 5 hidden characters) to fight hordes of vile enemies and 6 vicious bosses! Become part of the Gauntlet saga by solving over 20 magical quests complete with new in-engine cinematics to tell the rich storyline!
Box Text: Arm yourself and up to 3 friends, for adrenaline-drenched 4-player action in the legendary Gauntlet universe. Destroy evil forces in the 7 kingdoms! Experience 3 never-before-seen worlds filled with new enemies, traps and treasures! Use powerful sorcery, exotic power-ups and new "Items of Legend" to save the Realm from the Demon Lord Skorne!
Date User Field Value
03-29-2009 NA Created

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kriglightning Message
krigney9189 Message
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Warmsignal Message
warpedatari02 Message
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xanotherdaydownx Message
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zmcdowell88 Message
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zombie1969 Message

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retrogamingdad Message

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8bitwarrior Message
ajhackcore Message
alexbestd Message
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artpro202 Message
bananza666 Message
battlekatt Message
beedawgg Message
beefdx Message
binderhead Message
blackarachnid41 Message
blodwast Message
brichert Message
brucelee3000 Message
Bwigdahl Message
capnbear Message
captainbill Message
cassarah Message
charlesp1138 Message
coliver80 Message
coverprinter Message
darthmaximus17 Message
dayvhy Message
deepsiix Message
dkthunderclap Message
ellechupacabra Message
elscotty Message
emptymichaels Message
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funzo Message
ganondoom Message
gatsugodhand Message
gomi321 Message
hipp1e Message
insanecableguy Message
jebusbigg Message
jlink4603 Message
jonb3d Message
juliebordage Message
justinius Message
krazykarl1435 Message
lavoiefo Message
littlebirdie117 Message
melwing Message
nickknack Message
nickleevee Message
octa Message
oniscape Message
originalevil Message
otapota Message
pajam Message
patrickmeansly Message
pontoon Message
powerofzero Message
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ravenofwar Message
remix Message
rocktheshazbot Message
roryzilla Message
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scaledwurm Message
senrak Message
shawndude82 Message
shepard11 Message
slipknotsam Message
sloppycopperbottom Message
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