Mega Man Legends Box Art
Mega Man Legends Box Art
Mega Man Legends Box Art

Mega Man Legends

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Estimated Value: $18.34 [via]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom
Platform: PlayStation [NA]
Genre: RPG
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: SLUS-00603
Barcode: 013388210282
Release Date: August 31 1998
Description: NA
Box Text: The Blue Bomber Blasts Into A Whole New Dimension
Mega Man blasts his way into the third dimension in an amazing new adventure. Mega Man Legends combines the best of classic Mega Man action with enormous bosses, a riveting storyline and all the depth of the hottest RPG. Explore vast 3-D worlds in your quest to find the treasure of all treasures, the Mother Lode. You'll love the new 3-D graphics, deadly weapons and non-stop action... unless of course, you're a boss.
Date User Field Value
03-25-2012 scott Cart/Disc/Media Art new
03-25-2012 scott Box Text The Blue Bomber Blasts Into A Whole New Dimension Mega Man blasts his way into the third dimension in an amazing new adventure. Mega Man Legends combines the best of classic Mega Man action with enormous bosses, a riveting storyline and all the depth of the hottest RPG. Explore vast 3-D worlds in your quest to find the treasure of all treasures, the Mother Lode. You'll love the new 3-D graphics, deadly weapons and non-stop action... unless of course, you're a boss.
NA NA Created

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cobraseph Message
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sailorclp Message

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0megabyte Message
4agemenace Message
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andoru90 Message
andrewsouder Message
babb87 Message
battlekatt Message
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blastdude Message
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boardgamingpenguin Message
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breadthegamer Message
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caferevolution Message
captainbill Message
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chaseh1028 Message
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commandershiro Message
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coverprinter Message
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darkantagony Message
digitalcooper Message
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