Xenogears Box Art
Xenogears Box Art
Xenogears Box Art


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Estimated Value: $28.89 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Squaresoft
Publisher(s): Squaresoft
Platform: PlayStation [NA]
Genre: RPG
Rating: ESRB - T (US / Canada)
Item Number: SLUS-00664 / SLUS-00669
Barcode: 662248998022
Release Date: October 20 1998
Description: Over 20 minutes of stunning hand-drawn anime' tells this complex, futuristic tale. Battle in giant robots or hand-to-hand using intuitive combat systems without menus. Explore detailed, fully-rotatable polygonal environments.
Box Text: A mysterious organization is turning the tides of a century-long war with ancient technology giant combat robots. a failed attempt to steal one of these powerful mechanized weapons places it in the unwilling hands of young Fei and his dubious allies. Now he is pursued by military governments, royal pirates, spies, the emperor, and his own forgotten past.
Date User Field Value
07-12-2014 thecrypticodor Cart/Disc/Media Art new
NA NA Created

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5everence Message
7thLeveLReviews Message
7ucky Message
aaa26 Message
abell128 Message
acecomics Message
afficial83 Message
ahall88 Message
akiller07 Message
alareyla Message
alex223999 Message
alexbestd Message
alexirwin24 Message
alfscene Message
allisonunderland Message
anayo Message
anderjak Message
anicube Message
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anruiukimi Message
anthonykerr86 Message
anystrom0 Message
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argyle89 Message
artpro202 Message
asc3nsi0n Message
asgsnak Message
asininemetal Message
askeron Message
atariboy Message
atrumlupus Message
azmar Message
azure Message
backtobionic Message
baiken Message
balthier512 Message
bane Message
basinpup Message
bass260 Message
bawsegorilla Message
bcf091 Message
Bditman Message
beardedretroguy Message
benjalehi Message
beomech Message
berzyj0y Message
betelgeuse Message
bh062083 Message
bigboss11 Message
bigherb1 Message
bigjesst Message
bigjoe91 Message
bikingjahuty Message
blackarachnid41 Message
blahmaster Message
blkalleykat Message
bloodedgedreaper Message
bloodybaron Message
bloodybaron Message
blueonetrunk Message
blurrygil Message
bmctown1 Message
bmoc Message
boajuse Message
boardupthehouse Message
bobdylan Message
bobothevulture Message
bobster Message
bongoyoda Message
bphoover Message
brandon913 Message
bryanturnbull Message
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byrdjenk Message
caf51 Message
cakecraft7 Message
calistarwind Message
callyhockey15 Message
canadianbacon Message
caneras Message
cassarah Message
Cepillo Message
Certifiable Message
ch0nes Message
chachi12 Message
chaosiv Message
chaotixstorm Message
charpster Message
chaseh1028 Message
checkostarx Message
cheesefury Message
cheshiredon Message
chestrockwell55 Message
chew Message
chronoivalice Message
chronolisphinx Message
cigarnivore Message
ciphergurl Message
Clashbomb Message
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cmo Message
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cogo Message
collect1984 Message
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Cornish Message
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Delobius Message
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Densus Message
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dissonant Message
dmt Message
doctorcavity Message
doncosmo Message
donttdontt Message
Douggernaut Message
dragoon88 Message
drs Message
duelpear Message
duketogo1300 Message
e1even Message
eddrix Message
eirikrgodwulf Message
elementalcrisis Message
eliphas0 Message
elusivesora Message
elyser Message
emceemd Message
emounger Message
enteisama Message
erickavery Message
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etherizedones Message
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Flashback2012 Message
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frisbe86 Message
frodrigu32 Message
furabixa Message
galacticplatypus Message
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gamejunky Message
gamergene Message
GamerNick Message
gamerrequiem Message
gauntlet Message
genjiarmorxii Message
genmaninja Message
gesus Message
ghostprototype4 Message
ghostwarmen Message
gigan7 Message
godnightshade Message
gogoactionteam Message
goldenjustice Message
goldorak Message
gorypaldin2 Message
gotchi3 Message
grahf16 Message
greatwhitenorth Message
greenrob Message
greg761 Message
gregstarrman Message
grimreper10977 Message
gritzor Message
grizzleb33s Message
guipeli Message
Guyver Message
hahnsoulo Message
hamlet Message
hawksclone Message
hayden Message
hernzy Message
hexen Message
himanattsu Message
horvay Message
hoshichiri Message
hourglass Message
hungrygoriya Message
huxley Message
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ignition365 Message
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indigofawkes Message
infernoblade Message
inkieplays Message
innocentsoul Message
insektmute Message
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ivalicealliance Message
iwinufail Message
j2dasun Message
jackie879 Message
jamusaeons Message
jeanhime Message
jebuskrist Message
JeffreyATW Message
jemshadewalker Message
jenkinsmi25 Message
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jgerdes87 Message
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jlindholme47 Message
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jmil8502 Message
jmrstuff2002 Message
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jonathanbarolet Message
joshualeonhart Message
jpostalwait Message
jrmann33 Message
js1ug Message
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jupiterjazz Message
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kayleysmama Message
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kevinhunt31 Message
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kibbas Message
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kiyoshir13 Message
kkush77 Message
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kripey Message
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krunks Message
kupomogli Message
kurosilv3r Message
kvnlarimore Message
kwisatzhaderach Message
kyuss015 Message
lacdex64 Message
ladyguardian Message
Lemonadez Message
lenoxseer Message
leonemesis Message
libernullmal Message
lide128 Message
liminy Message
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lisceej Message
lordsofskulls Message
lucyus27 Message
luisavila Message
lurg Message
maccachief Message
machinegunblues Message
maevn Message
magelock Message
majob Message
makoblade Message
malor82 Message
maltaop Message
marcus1001000 Message
mark1982 Message
maskedtai Message
masticore02 Message
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maximo310 Message
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mc8045 Message
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megah1979 Message
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misnmic1128 Message
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mlaborda Message
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mojoeskateco Message
molloy2304 Message
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mrcrimpbiscuit Message
mrdizazta Message
mrversatility Message
mrzorage Message
mungular Message
myviewing Message
namelessnp Message
namoore1 Message
nathanielfoster Message
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Neclord Message
necroc Message
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neogeopocket Message
nessfromearthbound Message
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neuraton Message
nickawesome Message
nightbuilder Message
ninjacape Message
ninjad1423 Message
nonweak Message
noobshul Message
notagsleft Message
nqg Message
numberj Message
nutsy Message
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nyarlathotep Message
obstructionofyou Message
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Oheao Message
ohgr Message
olafberserker37 Message
olanx Message
omega127 Message
ondskapt Message
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orkahmrust Message
painfulbuggery Message
palazzi Message
patrickaevans Message
pattison90iw Message
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philpscdi Message
phlegeth Message
phoenixfire9191 Message
pifflegatari Message
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pizzasafari Message
pjboettcher Message
pkbMac Message
pohumnom Message
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price5474 Message
proro Message
protitus Message
protoss Message
prumm Message
psxdad Message
psxtreme Message
psychoapeguy Message
psycowayne23 Message
psydswipe Message
puddingm Message
pulseczar0 Message
pyrites1 Message
pzeke Message
quiverclaw Message
Rahxephon91 Message
raiderred Message
raisinbizzle Message
ranaerekindled Message
rarebehemoth Message
rawbeet Message
raydreamer Message
realva Message
reckoning Message
red5StandingBy Message
reggiamoto Message
retrofire7 Message
retrogamingdad Message
retrogemcollector Message
retrogk Message
retromangia Message
retrorocksy Message
rezuhu Message
rgeddings Message
rgordill Message
rgrindell Message
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rkoredux Message
roarimscary Message
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rockguyry Message
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ruimadeiras Message
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salamitsunami Message
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schenksmill Message
seabornecrab556 Message
seang5 Message
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Seikenfreak Message
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shanec0re Message
sharkboyyy Message
shatterstar69 Message
shepard11 Message
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shinatproof Message
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shinobi81 Message
shoryuken4u Message
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tatabaanee Message
tbell13579 Message
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teknophyl Message
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tensaishikamaru Message
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thecrypticodor Message
TheDreadGazeebo Message
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themancaveytchannel Message
themetalgaia Message
thenewmath Message
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Username Message
Bditman Message
disgaeniac Message
krelyan Message
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abe Message
aceflyheight Message
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autopsy93 Message
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babb87 Message
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blackwolf1987 Message
blackwolf1987 Message
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bobrattlehead96 Message
bouncepad Message
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buzthescouser Message
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cbtlover Message
claudius Message
commandershiro Message
cookie75 Message
cr1msonreaper Message
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crintin Message
danrlavoie Message
darkknight4251 Message
darknessedg3 Message
deathgaze Message
deuxbot Message
devancowan Message
devicat Message
devilmaypie Message
dhaabi Message
dharmajones93 Message
dividesbyzero Message
dtpm60 Message
Dylanmp1 Message
eaglelord9814 Message
earle117 Message
ekushiria Message
elscotty Message
evoxpisces Message
explosion352 Message
fatesopeth Message
felineretrogamer Message
femtogodhand Message
fighterpilot562 Message
frieman4993 Message
gakin Message
gamemaster1991 Message
ganondoom Message
greatwon Message
gurinryo14 Message
hackhaxa Message
hakkai687 Message
happenstance Message
hatkid Message
hawk767 Message
himaru Message
hypoxium Message
iamwidowmaker Message
ironclawx Message
ivorysoul Message
jamieglasgow Message
jboyce91 Message
jdkw50 Message
jinxeddiablorist Message
jinxmoody Message
jlucas Message
jmil8502 Message
judas77 Message
justin8301 Message
jvan Message
kbit Message
kiryu Message
kmacdw Message
kombuchamshroom Message
komidore64 Message
kurygeon Message
larrylachance Message
lavs23 Message
lockheart47 Message
lordscott Message
luisosonim Message
lunanightmare Message
martymcfly Message
masamune Message
matsumoto Message
mayamayhem Message
mcam Message
mcfood Message
mchaso Message
mhmsodoi Message
mhwarrior Message
mike42023 Message
mistrymix Message
motrax Message
mrfoxhound Message
nationalkyle Message
neekow Message
nefarious Message
nellen Message
neriph Message
nickkchilla Message
nikodile Message
node94 Message
noxie Message
npx87 Message
omegamustard Message
originalevil Message
otapota Message
pastyboii Message
persona59 Message
philazoid Message
pressouualban Message
pwnage765 Message
r3verb Message
rangerlunis Message
raskin Message
redblaze57 Message
retrogamer418 Message
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seanmacys Message
seligrafo Message
senrak Message
ShakeNBAke663 Message
shawndude82 Message
silentemerald Message
silversyx Message
skyhoar Message
slightlyflightyone Message
slipknotsam Message
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soccerman1997 Message
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soullesssolace Message
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sryth Message
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subzeroace Message
supermeatboy Message
sveino Message
tamrick Message
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tearraven Message
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thatguy183 Message
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thebonniebear Message
theodore2027 Message
theprestige2000 Message
threemonic Message
twotonetheartist Message
tylerbacz Message
vinc3has3 Message
vinsfeld Message
wanda7thlevel Message
wildlynx Message
xaviorq8 Message
xbeastx92 Message
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zenki Message
zeronicko Message
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