Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Box Art
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Box Art
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Box Art

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): SquareEnix
Platform: Nintendo DS [NA]
Genre: RPG
Rating: ESRB - E10+ (US / Canada)
Item Number: NTR-AXFE-USA
Barcode: 662248907147
Release Date: November 20 2007
Description: NA
Box Text: One Year Has Passed Since the Events of Final Fantasy XII.
Vaan is now a full-fledged sky pirate and Penelo his trusted navigator. When they stumble upon the legendary sky continent of Lemures, it's up to them to defend it from the evils of the outside world.
Date User Field Value
04-28-2012 scott Cart/Disc/Media Art new
04-28-2012 scott Back Box Art new
04-28-2012 scott Description
04-28-2012 scott Box Text One Year Has Passed Since the Events of Final Fantasy XII. Vaan is now a full-fledged sky pirate and Penelo his trusted navigator. When they stumble upon the legendary sky continent of Lemures, it's up to them to defend it from the evils of the outside world.
04-28-2012 scott Barcode 662248907147
04-28-2012 scott Item Number NTR-AXFE-USA
NA NA Created

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