Heavy Rain Box Art
Heavy Rain Box Art
Heavy Rain Box Art

Heavy Rain

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Estimated Value: $4.99 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Quantic Dream
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3 [NA]
Genre: Action-Adventure
Rating: ESRB - M (US / Canada)
Item Number: BCUS-98164
Barcode: 711719816423
Release Date: February 23 2010
Description: Includes reversible cover

Disc Item Number: BPSS-071900

The Origami Killer has taken a new victim. In a terrorized city, the hunt for a child will lead four unconnected people to ask the same question: How far would you go to stop a killer? Play all four roles in this psychological thriller where every action you take has consequences. How this story unfolds is entirely up to you.
Date User Field Value
08-04-2020 dhaabi Description Includes reversible cover Disc Item Number: BPSS-071900
08-04-2020 dhaabi Genre 26
06-12-2017 silverbow Description
06-12-2017 silverbow Box Text YOUR SMALLEST DECISIONS CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING The Origami Killer has taken a new victim. In a terrorized city, the hunt for a child will lead four unconnected people to ask the same question: How far would you go to stop a killer? Play all four roles in this psychological thriller where every action you take has consequences. How this story unfolds is entirely up to you.
12-16-2012 artikskarab Cart/Disc/Media Art new
12-16-2012 artikskarab Back Box Art new
12-16-2012 artikskarab Box Text YOUR SMALLEST DECISIONS CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING The Origami Killer has taken a new victim. In a terrorized city, the hunt for a child will lead four unconnected people to ask the same question: How far would you go to stop a killer? Play all four roles in this psychological thriller where every action you take has consequences. How this story unfolds is entirely up to you.
11-03-2012 karyann Item Number BCUS-98164
11-03-2012 karyann Barcode 711719816423
NA solidgear3 Created

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