Luigi's Mansion (00100)

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Platform: GameCube [NA]
Genre: Action-Adventure
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: DOL GLME
Barcode: 045496960018
Release Date: November 17 2001
Description: EAN-5: 00100
Made in USA

• Instruction Booklet
• disc item number: DL-DOL-GLME-USA
Box Text: Luigi's Won a Mansion!
The bad news is that it's crawling with ghosts...and Mario seems to be trapped inside...

• Luigi's in for a spooktacular surprise as he creeps into the pitch-dark mansion he won, armed with only a flashlight and a vacuum custom-made for sucking up ghosts.
• Ghosts lurk in every nook and cranny. You'll have to master the Poltergust 3000 to vacuum them all up!
• Jewels, coins and cash are hidden throughout the mansion‒and finding it all will be worth your while...
• You'll have to solve the mansion's many mysteries to catch a gallery of quirky ghouls, such as the fire-belching Mr. Luggs.
• Deep inside the mansion hide elusive boss ghosts like Bogmire, each with ghastly powers and a ghostly bone to pick with Luigi!
• After collecting special medals, you'll be able to shoot fire, water, and ice from your vacuum to unearth secrets and thwart extra-eerie ghosts!
Date User Field Value
10-10-2021 aliensstudios Back Box Art new
08-25-2021 dhaabi Description EAN-5: 00100 Made in USA includes: • Instruction Booklet • disc item number: DL-DOL-GLME-USA
08-25-2021 dhaabi Item Number DOL GLME
08-25-2021 dhaabi Name Luigi's Mansion (00100)
08-24-2020 dhaabi Description Includes demo rated E by the ESRB. Disc Item Number: DL-DOL-GLME-USA
08-24-2020 dhaabi Item Number DOL-P-GLME
08-24-2020 dhaabi Box Text Luigi's Won a Mansion! The bad news is that it's crawling with ghosts...and Mario seems to be trapped inside... • Luigi's in for a spooktacular surprise as he creeps into the pitch-dark mansion he won, armed with only a flashlight and a vacuum custom-made for sucking up ghosts. • Ghosts lurk in every nook and cranny. You'll have to master the Poltergust 3000 to vacuum them all up! • Jewels, coins and cash are hidden throughout the mansion?and finding it all will be worth your while... • You'll have to solve the mansion's many mysteries to catch a gallery of quirky ghouls, such as the fire-belching Mr. Luggs. • Deep inside the mansion hide elusive boss ghosts like Bogmire, each with ghastly powers and a ghostly bone to pick with Luigi! • After collecting special medals, you'll be able to shoot fire, water, and ice from your vacuum to unearth secrets and thwart extra-eerie ghosts!
08-24-2020 dhaabi Genre 26
04-27-2020 telly Description Disc item number: DOL-GLME-USA
04-27-2020 telly Item Number DOL P GLME
01-25-2016 pacpix Description
03-02-2014 TheHunterPersian Box Text Luigi's Won a Mansion! The bad news is that it's crawling with ghosts... and Mario seems to be trapped inside...
03-02-2014 TheHunterPersian Cart/Disc/Media Art new
10-31-2012 karyann Barcode 045496960018
10-31-2012 karyann Item Number DOL-GLME-USA
08-04-2012 rainbowadan Back Box Art new
08-04-2012 rainbowadan Front Box Art new
08-04-2012 rainbowadan Release Date - Day 17
03-10-2008 NA Created

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