Bayonetta 2 (Bonus Bayonetta Game Included)

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Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): PlatinumGames
Platform: Wii U [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - M (US / Canada)
Item Number: WUP-AQUE-USA
Barcode: 045496903466
Release Date: October 24 2014
Description: Also includes original Bayonetta

"Viewing the Electronic Manual" insert
Box Text: Angels and Demons Stand In Her Way

Carry out exhilarating combos!

Punish enemies with elaborate summons.

Master new moves with Bayonetta's trademark style!

Utilize new weapons and skills in battle!

Partner up with a friend online! (Broadband Internet access required for online play).

Includes a disc of the original Bayonetta game, now on Wii U!
Date User Field Value
04-08-2021 spiralsenshi Description Also includes original Bayonetta "Viewing the Electronic Manual" insert
06-08-2017 posole78 Cart/Disc/Media Art new
06-08-2017 posole78 Item Number WUP-AQUE-USA
06-08-2017 posole78 Back Box Art new
03-07-2016 aliensstudios Name Bayonetta 2 (Bonus Bayonetta Game Included)
01-28-2016 karyann Name Bayonetta 2 (bonus Bayonetta game included)
12-05-2015 grahf16 Box Text Angels and Demons Stand In Her Way Carry out exhilarating combos! Punish enemies with elaborate summons. Master new moves with Bayonetta's trademark style! Utilize new weapons and skills in battle! Partner up with a friend online! (Broadband Internet access required for online play). Includes a disc of the original Bayonetta game, now on Wii U!
06-01-2015 kwisatzhaderach Cart/Disc/Media Art new
06-01-2015 kwisatzhaderach Back Box Art new
02-05-2015 silversyx Publisher 2201
02-05-2015 silversyx Developer 138
10-30-2014 psydswipe Front Box Art new
10-30-2014 psydswipe Barcode 045496903466
10-26-2014 argyle Description Also includes original Bayonetta
10-26-2014 8ruc3 Release Date - Day 24
10-26-2014 8ruc3 Rating 6
10-26-2014 8ruc3 Genre 1
10-26-2014 8ruc3 Release Type 0
09-12-2014 kam1kaz3nl77 Release Date - Year 2014
09-12-2014 kam1kaz3nl77 Rating 5
09-12-2014 kam1kaz3nl77 Release Date - Month 10
09-12-2014 kam1kaz3nl77 Release Type 2
06-11-2014 Limeface Front Box Art new
10-22-2012 tpugmire Created

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7thLeveLReviews Message
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abrowne1993 Message
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Alannah Message
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anayo Message
andrepsouza Message
andrewa1289 Message
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animegovie Message
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arcadenexus Message
archer9234 Message
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arohbi Message
arransins Message
arthur317 Message
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asier Message
asylumangel Message
atrumlupus Message
auraburst Message
awesomesupafly Message
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backtobionic Message
baldwookiee Message
bandzicoot Message
bankslammer Message
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bass260 Message
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bathory Message
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bbrooks Message
Bditman Message
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benjalehi Message
benrodgers77 Message
bento Message
beomech Message
bernkastelwitch Message
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betelgeuse Message
bigboss11 Message
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cacadodo666 Message
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caferevolution Message
canadianbacon Message
canti86 Message
capincold Message
capnchrut Message
capncrunch53 Message
captainersatz Message
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catfishjonny Message
catman44 Message
centipede Message
certifiederic Message
cffjr Message
cfrt2007 Message
chaoscat Message
chaoticluis Message
charloduo Message
chazmosis Message
cheesus Message
cheshiredon Message
chibimanny Message
chibirdie Message
chichi4l Message
chrisguy88 Message
chronic532 Message
chronoivalice Message
chunguyenaz Message
Clashbomb Message
classicgamescanada Message
climas Message
climhazard Message
coffeelover Message
collecticution Message
collint0101 Message
controller Message
cooltobeyou81 Message
cozmotic Message
cptcookies12 Message
cr1msonreaper Message
craigrtg Message
cranby Message
crgx82 Message
crix Message
cryosneasel Message
csteclaire Message
cthulthu Message
cutejay012 Message
cylux42 Message
dammerung2010 Message
dandymandy Message
danteisis Message
danyberube37 Message
daoutlaw46 Message
darkdork1 Message
darkishcookies Message
darklioncourt Message
darknikito88 Message
darkographist Message
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dashv Message
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defthead Message
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deltaellisquid Message
densetsu1 Message
desocietas Message
destroyers34 Message
dev934 Message
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dgoblin Message
dharmaboy Message
dharmajones93 Message
dhelm Message
digi Message
digidesdan Message
digitalluv Message
discohippoletsgo Message
dividesbyzero Message
docfish Message
doctorcavity Message
dracieldefender Message
dravensth Message
dreyfus2006 Message
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dtreadway45 Message
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eirikrgodwulf Message
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ewalchli Message
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icyhottacos Message
ignition365 Message
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infernoblade Message
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ironwaldo Message
isaiahplg Message
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ivofrussia Message
iwinufail Message
ixlyux Message
j10alien Message
j360959 Message
jabbamix Message
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jackie879 Message
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jaklyra Message
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jareclese Message
jasonq87 Message
jasonsplayhouse Message
jcalder8 Message
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jciner Message
jdkw50 Message
jdsizzleslice Message
jediintraining Message
jeff4433 Message
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jinxmoody Message
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jm5126 Message
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jobocan Message
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jonmatrix Message
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lockesmyth Message
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Oathkeeper42 Message
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Username Message
awsomesauc Message
oblivia Message

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Username Message
a2arex Message
aceflyheight Message
allieempire Message
andrewgp Message
archscistudent Message
artmenegatti Message
artpro202 Message
autobotodst Message
bass260 Message
bigonanime Message
blackarachnid41 Message
blunder Message
bolt9236 Message
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brunauss Message
bugboy Message
buttonmasher Message
castlesnow Message
charlesp1138 Message
chepa Message
chocolateflobs Message
cobi Message
corexretro Message
cpaschal Message
darknessedg3 Message
darthmaximus17 Message
doctorlaudanum Message
dooters Message
drsquidopolis Message
eaglelord9814 Message
earthbkun Message
eddrix Message
ekushiria Message
explosion352 Message
ez3c Message
fabiofranco Message
franticdav Message
fullmetalsonicx Message
funkatronic Message
gonif Message
jared9001 Message
jebusbigg Message
jerrycosmo Message
jkconolly Message
juliebordage Message
justinius Message
katan333 Message
madslasher Message
majorajedi Message
matsumoto Message
matthoyt9 Message
mrfoxhound Message
nefarious Message
neoganzo Message
neostar9 Message
nuxed Message
Oathkeeper42 Message
pajam Message
pastyboii Message
phil612692 Message
phwii Message
pis Message
primegx Message
rangerlunis Message
raspewtin Message
ravenofwar Message
redlinkgamer33 Message
retroraideraustin Message
saltolime Message
samff88 Message
scarface88fg Message
seaslug Message
slipknotsam Message
sneakycracker Message
solid Message
sparticus112b Message
stroud Message
studmuffingamer Message
stuey Message
supermeatboy Message
superthingus Message
tamrick Message
tetrises Message
theorkinman Message
tibbarabbit Message
TurboRotary Message
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