Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Box Art
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Box Art
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Box Art

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

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Estimated Value: $14.18 [via]
Alt-Name Mario & Luigi RPG [JP]
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Alphadream Corporation
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Advance [NA]
Genre: RPG
Rating: ESRB - E (US / Canada)
Item Number: AGB P A88E
Barcode: 045496733438
Release Date: November 18 2003
Description: Cartridge ID: AGB-A88E-USA
Box Text: An adventure so big, you'll need both Bros.!
Prepare for an epic journey beyond the borders of the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario and Luigi team up for a hilarious, action-filled role-playing game! The deep storyline and gripping puzzles of a role-playing game combine with awesome action elements to make this adventure a Mario experience like no other.
* Cross the border! A huge cast of wacky characters and strange new enemies await in the vast lands of the Beanbean Kingdom.
* Bros. power! A unique simultaneous control setup lets you control each brother separately or team them up for supermoves!
* Buddy up! You'll need to team up to take on jumping challenges and an action-packed, reflex-testing battle system.
* Get linked! Link up with any Super Mario Advance games for multiplayer Mario Bros. madness!
Date User Field Value
05-09-2019 silverbow Description Cartridge ID: AGB-A88E-USA
05-09-2019 silverbow Item Number AGB P A88E
05-09-2019 silverbow Alt-Name Mario & Luigi RPG [JP]
01-25-2016 pacpix Description
09-05-2015 Flashback2012 Barcode 045496733438
07-30-2014 kwisatzhaderach Cart/Disc/Media Art new
07-30-2014 kwisatzhaderach Box Text An adventure so big, you'll need both Bros.! Prepare for an epic journey beyond the borders of the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario and Luigi team up for a hilarious, action-filled role-playing game! The deep storyline and gripping puzzles of a role-playing game combine with awesome action elements to make this adventure a Mario experience like no other. * Cross the border! A huge cast of wacky characters and strange new enemies await in the vast lands of the Beanbean Kingdom. * Bros. power! A unique simultaneous control setup lets you control each brother separately or team them up for supermoves! * Buddy up! You'll need to team up to take on jumping challenges and an action-packed, reflex-testing battle system. * Get linked! Link up with any Super Mario Advance games for multiplayer Mario Bros. madness!
08-18-2012 retromangia Back Box Art new
08-18-2012 retromangia Front Box Art new
03-10-2008 NA Created

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