Wonderful 101, The Box Art
Wonderful 101, The Box Art
Wonderful 101, The Box Art

Wonderful 101, The

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Estimated Value: $23.12 [via PriceCharting.com]
Alt-Name NA
Release Type: Official Release
Developer(s): Platinum Games
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform: Wii U [NA]
Genre: Action
Rating: ESRB - T (US / Canada)
Item Number: WCP-P-ACME-USZ
Barcode: 045496903145
Release Date: September 15 2013
Description: NA
Box Text: 100 Heroes Face Pure Evil…
-Teamwork is Key
In this action-packed adventure, draw shapes to morph your squad into a whip, hammer, sword, and more!
-Up to 5 Players
Grab your friends and customize your teams into a mighty fighting force!
Date User Field Value
07-26-2016 aliensstudios Box Text 100 Heroes Face Pure Evil… AND UNITE TO DESTROY IT! -Teamwork is Key UNITE MORPH In this action-packed adventure, draw shapes to morph your squad into a whip, hammer, sword, and more! -Up to 5 Players MULTIPLAYER MISSIONS Grab your friends and customize your teams into a mighty fighting force!
07-26-2016 aliensstudios Item Number WCP-P-ACME-USZ
07-26-2016 aliensstudios Publisher 16
07-26-2016 aliensstudios Developer 138
11-22-2014 argyle Rating 4
05-26-2014 heavengeance Cart/Disc/Media Art new
05-26-2014 heavengeance Front Box Art new
05-26-2014 heavengeance Back Box Art new
05-23-2014 badATchaos Front Box Art new
11-12-2013 insektmute Barcode 045496903145
11-12-2013 insektmute Release Date - Year 2013
11-12-2013 insektmute Release Date - Day 15
11-12-2013 insektmute Release Date - Month 9
11-12-2013 insektmute Name Wonderful 101, The
08-05-2013 twdnewh Created

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